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What is an Online Ordering System?

An online ordering system is software available on a website or inside an app that allows restaurant businesses to accept and manage food orders placed over the internet.

Habits are changing

With active lifestyles, consumers no longer want to be faced with a restaurant’s busy phone line — they want to order on their terms.

Introducing Online Ordering for Restaurants

A strategic asset to an enhanced customer journey and improved profitability. Give a try to our online ordering system.

Here’s why UEAT is the best partner for your restaurant.

Achieve a higher conversion rate with UEAT’s industry leading 3-step-ordering.

Our ordering software allows your customers to place orders in real time  – the fastest and easiest ordering platform on the market.

Increase your average bill with our proprietary A.I. upsell module™ that provides individualized suggestions to your guests.

Create loyal and recurring customers by offering the perfect promotion to the right client with UEAT’s intuitive admin tools. The perfect loyalty program for your customers! 

Keep more money in your pocket by offering multiple delivery options to your customers, commission free.

Foster loyalty by offering your very own branded online ordering system – tailored to your restaurant’s name, logo and brand.

A (true) worry free implementation: our success team takes care of getting your restaurant online and synchronized with your operations. Ordering has never been this easy! 

Other Features of UEAT's Online Food Ordering Platform

Available on your own website and mobile app

All order type

Take-out, delivery, room delivery, office delivery

Direct integration

Point of sale (POS), loyalty, payment gateway, delivery

Advanced and intuitive dashboard

Multi-language, Multi-time zone, Multi-currency, Multi-POS

PCI Certified

Effortlessly convert visits into sales

Take advantage of our industry-leading restaurant online ordering system and start boosting your sales and increase your revenue.

Start increasing your sales

UEAT can get you online and set up in record time with our worry-free onboarding, you can start receiving your first online orders. It couldn’t be easier.

Thinking about implementing an online ordering system?
Here’s why it's a brilliant idea!

The demand for online orders is only going to grow

Offering an online ordering system conveys to your customer that your restaurant is modern and accessible to all.

Online orders will boost revenue

With convenient and strategic upsell, the average online order is 40% higher which means more money in your pocket. And since customers can take their time without any pressure to quickly wrap up their order, they not only order more, they come back more often.

Improved order accuracy

Since customers have the ability to view and easily make changes to their order, online ordering eliminates many opportunities for miscommunications. Plus, with a direct integration with your POS system, orders reach your kitchen without any double input removing human error from the equation.

Customizable online ordering system.

With UEAT’s ordering system, you can make changes in real time in design, menu items, prices, promotions and offers. You have control over your brand.

Customer insights

In business, restaurants that know the most about their customers are the most likely to succeed. Online ordering is a great way to get that information. Plus, UEAT’s ordering system has an Artificial Intelligence module to do just that!

Find out what restaurants think about us!

"Our average basket soared by 32%. For us it's increased profitability."
Yves Benny
Vice-President public relations
at Benny&Co
"UEAT puts technology at the service of a personalized customer experience. The platform is frictionless and the built-in loyalty integration has blown us away."
Fred Matte
Vice President at Yuzu Sushi

The best time to get UEAT’s online ordering, is yesterday.

The undeniable fact: restaurant operators without a well established online strategy will have difficulty to catch up. 

Each day, the competition is gaining considerable momentum. Offer the industry leading customer experience to your clientele, get more orders, higher profits and secure recurring customers.

With UEAT’s personalized and frictionless ordering, restaurateurs see an increase in their average bill all the way to 40%.

Take action now and see for yourself how much money you could have tomorrow.

See how easy it is to go live with our dedicated success team

Improve the in-house customer experience with our innovative kiosk solution


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Table ordering


Curbside pickup


Room delivery


Skip the line


In-seat delivery


Office delivery

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