Self Ordering Kiosk

Self-Ordering Moneris® Kiosk powered by UEAT®

Accelerate your service, optimize your customer experience

Struggling with fewer employees, which causes long wait times and low customer satisfaction? The Moneris® Kiosk powered by UEAT® allow restaurants to reallocate their front-of-house staff, such as cashiers, to value-added tasks that improve the customer experience.

All new self-ordering kiosk rental service in Canada

Built for performance and peace of mind

Rent for as low as $9 a day*. Never experience tech regret again! Take advantage of the Moneris® Kiosk powered by UEAT® to maximize your sales with less effort!

Designed by industry leaders

Take advantage of a digital kiosk that features Moneris’ payment processing solutions and Field Services, UEAT’S best-in-class online ordering solution, and Samsung’s reliable and compact space-saving hardware.

Simple setup and support

Enjoy a worry-free, Canada-wide installation and maintenance by Moneris Field Services and 24/7 live operating system support from UEAT.

Elevate your customer experience

Increase customer satisfaction

Imagine being able to reduce wait times, increase speed of service and ensure 100% order accuracy.

Intuitive and fun ordering

Customers of all ages and digital skill levels will enjoy ordering from your kiosk. What’s more, they’ll be more likely to add to their order since they don’t feel guilty placing their order from a cashier!

Boost your bottom line

Thanks to non-intruisve, automatic upselling and cross-selling, you can generate higher ticket sizes. Rent our solution for a faster and more affordable roll-out.

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All the integrations you need

Tie UEAT in with your POS

No matter what POS system you use, we integrate your online ordering system, self-ordering kiosk, mobile app, UEAT HUB and the Uboard for hassle-free front-of-the-house operations.

Integration with loyalty programs

Keep customers coming back by offering a loyalty program.

Uboard integration

Discover how this solution can be seamlessly integrated with Uboard, an order management tablet.

Discover the succes story of Happy Singh

What if you could achieve these results effortlessly?

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With UEAT, you get a lot of extras

A dedicated Customer Success team to maximize your restaurant’s sales success
24/7 support from real, live humans who care
Canada-wide installation and maintenance by Moneris Field Services for our self-ordering kiosk solution
Training resources to help you make the most of our solutions

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of our experts today!

Trusted by restaurants like yours

Never leave money on the digital table ever again.

Your restaurant deserves to turn a better profit as the frontier of online ordering has just begun. Future-proof your business with UEAT.