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Streamlining operations across multiple restaurant locations to ensure consistency, driving profitability in the face of thinning margins, and integrating various food tech platforms can sometimes feel like you’re juggling too many balls. And in this rapidly evolving digital era, staying ahead means not just adopting technology, but adopting the best-in-class solutions that resolve operational challenges.

And it starts with UEAT. We help restaurant chains and franchises take their front-of-the-house operations to a whole new level, thanks to a more modern approach to omni-channel online ordering and on-sitre customer service.

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Improve operations efficiency

From centralized online ordering management to digital kiosks to make up for a staff shortage to real-time data analytics, UEAT’s solutions help restaurant chains and franchises to maintain a consistent brand image, quality of service, and customer experience. Eliminate operational bottlenecks that can cause chaos during peak periods.

Drive profitability with smart tech

Margins matter. And every cent counts. UEAT’s solutions are geared towards enhancing profitability. Equip your teams with our online ordering sales aggregator. Eliminate the hassles of rush times using our order management tablet. Access customer data and marketing tools to create location-specific actions that drive sales. Make data-driven decisions on menu items, inventory levels and promos with real-time analytics on your sales.

Benefit from unified technology

UEAT’s solutions can seamlessly integrate with leading POS systems, loyalty program solutions, third-party delivery apps, and more to create a unified experience for your customers and simplified management processes for your teams. Stop working in silos. And let UEAT help bridge the gaps for top-level efficiency!

“UEAT has exceeded our expectations. Our average basket soared by 32%!”

Discover how Benny & Co increased its mobile conversion rate by 52%!

With UEAT, you get a lot of extras

A dedicated Customer Success team to maximize your restaurant’s sales success
24/7 support from real, live humans who care
Canada-wide installation and maintenance by Moneris Field Services for our self-ordering kiosk solution
Training resources to help you make the most of our solutions

Trusted by restaurants like yours

Never leave money on the digital table ever again.

Your restaurant deserves to turn a better profit as the frontier of online ordering has just begun. Future-proof your business with UEAT.