Loyalty Integration

Loyalty program integrations

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Interested in integrating your loyalty program platform with UEAT’s online ordering solutions to drive more sales? No more missed rewards, or fragmented customer data. With seamless integration, every purchase, whether online or in-person, is effortlessly tracked, ensuring every loyal customer feels valued and recognized. Enhance engagement, boost repeat business, and create raving fans effortlessly.

Flexible, hassle-free loyalty integrations that delight customers

UEAT's digital self-ordering solutions seamlessly encourages guest users to join your loyalty program through non-intrusive prompts, such as a sign-up banner and a display of the potential points they could earn on their current order.
Customers can view the points and rewards they can earn by ordering through our solutions.
Customers can pay their orders with multiple gift cards for added convenience.

Did you know that:

A 5% increase in customer loyalty can result in a staggering 25% boost in profits
Up to 79% of customers are more likely to continue buying from a brand that has a loyalty program.
Up to 66% that’s how much more loyalty members spend compared to other customers to maximize their rewards.
Up to 75% of customers report they are more likely to make another purchase after receiving a loyalty reward.
Up to 86% of people that are loyal to a brand will recommend that brand to friends and family.

All the integrations you need

Tie UEAT in with your POS

No matter what POS system you use, we integrate your online ordering system, self-ordering kiosk, mobile app, HUB and the Uboard for hassle-free front-of-the-house operations.

Integration with loyalty programs

Keep customers coming back by offering a loyalty program.

Extend your reach

Leverage our delivery services integrations, expand your ability to acquire new customers.

Uboard integration

Discover how this solution can be seamlessly integrated with Uboard, an order management tablet.

"With collaborators like UEAT, perfection becomes an actual possibility."

Discover how Mandy’s and the “salad sisters” turned to UEAT to develop an online ordering platform and mobile app to meet the growing demands of their customers. 

With UEAT, you get a lot of extras

A dedicated Customer Success team to maximize your restaurant’s sales success
24/7 support from real, live humans who care
Pan-Canadian field services support from Moneris for our self-ordering kiosk solution
Training resources to help you make the most of our solutions

Trusted by restaurants like yours

Never leave money on the digital table ever again.

Your restaurant deserves to turn a better profit as the frontier of online ordering has just begun. Future-proof your business with UEAT.