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Power up with UEAT’s promotions and marketing tools and set your campaigns on sales fire! Forget disconnected strategies and diluted messages. With our integrated suite of features, every deal and promo shines to generate more conversions. Ignite interest, fuel sales, and make every diner a loyal fan.

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Take your restaurant marketing to the next level

Promotional banners

Push promotional banners, which can be customized for each online sales channel, throughout your UEAT online ordering platform, your UEAT mobile app, UEAT HUB and UEAT digital kiosk.

Effortless create promos

Take advantage of our simple templates to configure rebates or offer promo codes. Your promos can be tailored to each restaurant location!

Maintain control of your customer data

Use the customer data acquired through your UEAT solutions to send newsletters and promotional emails to your customers. Access analytics to spot dining trends to optimize your offering and marketing.

Features that make restaurant sense

Design mouth-watering menus

Create attractive menus that encourage customers to add to their orders and maximize the discoverability of new menu items.

Offer a user-friendly online ordering experience

Easy ordering means less abandoned carts!

Boost average ticket sizes

Use our smart recommendation module to increase average order sizes by as much as 40%.

“There’s no going back. We’ve noticed a 26% year-over-year increase in sales across all of our locations.”

Copper Branch opted for UEAT’s turnkey digital platform to offer customers a stellar and consistent experience when ordering food from their 100% plant-based menu.

With UEAT, you get a lot of extras

A dedicated Customer Success team to maximize your restaurant’s sales success
24/7 support from real, live humans who care
Canada-wide installation and maintenance by Moneris Field Services for our self-ordering kiosk solution
Training resources to help you make the most of our solutions

Trusted by restaurants like yours

Never leave money on the digital table ever again.

Your restaurant deserves to turn a better profit as the frontier of online ordering has just begun. Future-proof your business with UEAT.