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bb.q Chicken achieves over $200,000 in direct sales per month through its UEAT sales channel

“The reason why we teamed up with UEAT was the communication.”
John Kangchul You, Head of Marketing

bb.q Chicken

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bb.q’s restaurant chain is growing in popularity in Canada. With multiple locations across British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, bb.q is redefining the quick-serve landscape with its authentic and fresh Korean chicken (fondly known as K-Chicken) dishes. From Gangnam Style chicken to Cheesling to Golden Fried and beyond, bb.q is on a mission to make great-tasting food and serve up top-of-the-line customer service.

The Challenge

With bb.q’s rapid-fire expansion, John Kangchul You, Head of Marketing, knew that to fulfill its growing clientele’s chicken cravings, the restaurant chain needed a branded mobile app and digital self-ordering kiosks to streamline customer service and increase front-of-the-house capacity. In addition, bb.q was aiming to reduce the hefty commission fees charged by third-party delivery apps by switching customers to direct sales on its very own online ordering platform.


The Solution

bb.q decided to implement UEAT’s mobile app, digital kiosk and online ordering solutions. “The reason why we teamed up with UEAT for all our Canadian locations was the communication,” explained John.

“UEAT truly listens to clients’ needs. They were all so enthusiastic about turning those needs into something UEAT could offer,” he added.

The Results

The results were almost immediate. “For an average month in a restaurant, we process 5,500 orders, with an average ticket size of $40. That represents $200,000 each month,” John said.

bb.q was also able to transition customers to the chain’s direct sales platform, powered by UEAT. This meant that bb.q could use third-party delivery apps more as a marketing channel than its number-one sales channel. “UEAT enabled us to offer the same service at a lower price for both customers and each store,” he said.

UEAT’s digital self-ordering kiosks also had a positive impact on bb.q’s customer satisfaction. Customers didn’t have to wait in line, orders were delivered with higher accuracy, and servers experienced less pressure, especially during rush hours.

“The interface is so user-friendly and easy to use. That’s why we’re seeing more loyal customers and orders being placed more frequently,” John mentioned.

bb.q Canada’s objective was to cover 25% of sales with UEAT’s self-ordering solutions. But as bb.q progressed with UEAT, the restaurant chain identified an even bigger potential; it is expected to surpass the original objective of 25% in 2024.

“Many people think we serve traditional BBQ chicken. But we don’t. We offer the best-of-the-best quality chicken,” John laughed. “And working with the UEAT team is also the best!”

Founded in 1995 in South Korea, bb.q has experienced remarkable expansion: in just the first 4 years of operation, the restaurant chain opened 1,000 locations around the globe. Today, the restaurant chain operates 3,500 stores in 57 countries. In 2022, it was named one of the top 5 fastest-growing restaurant chains in America by Nation’s Restaurant News (2022). Its goal is to operate 50,000 franchise stores worldwide by 2025.
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Best-of-the-best quality chicken

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