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Frequently asked questions

Click here to have access to UEAT status page for real-time data on system performance. By subscribing to this, you will receive email or SMS notification when UEAT has issues.

You can easily change your restaurant’s opening and closing hours right from your admin portal in the Settings – Services tab. You can also set up time slots for each service by clicking on the red plus symbol (+).

The restaurant can refund an order in full or in part by logging in to their admin portal and then selecting Orders. If a manager code has been created, you can also refund an order by using your Uboard tablet.

Partial refunds can be made by the restaurateur or by the UEAT support team, depending on the payment processor. UEAT will never issue a customer refund unless the restaurateur is unable to do so and requests it.

By default, the welcome message (that appears as a pop-up), is the same for all branches of the same restaurant. It can be modified in your admin portal in the Assistant tab – General information – Welcome message (Web).

It is also possible to add your own HTML code to personalize your welcome message.

Promotions can be configured in the Promotions tab via the admin portal. By clicking on the red plus symbol (+), you can create a new promotion, for which you simply have to fill in two sections: Scenarios and Discounts.

For a discount on an order promotion, first add the promotion code in the Scenarios section.

In the Discounts section, enter 15% in the percentage (%) field and select apply the discount to the entire order.

Make sure you save and empty the menu cache (in the Menu tab) and test your promotion to ensure everything is properly configured.

Always keep in mind you can easily add a temporary delay in your back office by selecting Settings and Holiday Closures sections. But if you wish to completely turn off your platform for the day, you can do so in the admin portal > Settings > Holidays.

Create a new “Holiday” by clicking on the red plus (+), for type, pick Day, then select today’s date and check Closed for the day.


By doing it this way, you won’t have to manually turn the platform back on on the following day.

By doing it this way, you won’t have to manually turn the platform back on on the following day.