Delivery ecosystem

Delivery management solutions

Delivery on your own terms

UEAT’s online ordering platform connects to your delivery systems, whether you own a fleet, use fixed-rate marketplaces, or local delivery providers.

We understand the important role delivery plays in your restaurant success. You can leverage our national partnerships and our customer success team will be happy to help you integrate with the partner of your choice.


No matter what and how your deliver our online ordering system can adapt

Own your own fleet?

Foster customer loyalty and regain control of your customer relationships by integrating the UEAT online ordering with your own fleet management system.

Leverage well-established networks

Enjoy fixed-rates with delivery companies, including nationwide and local providers, that already have a fleet of drivers. You’ll never have to worry about huge commissions based on the order size you deliver.

Need more delivery options? We step up to the plate!

With the UEAT dispatch app, you can offer on-foot delivery to nearby businesses!

Why consider delivery? It's simple:

Increased order frequency

Delivery services often make it easier for customers to order from a restaurant multiple times.

Customer convenience

Offering delivery meets your customers' need for convenience, bringing your delicious food right to their doorstep.

Broader reach

Delivery expands your reach, allowing you to serve customers beyond your immediate location.


“bb.q Chicken achieves over $200,000 in direct sales per month through its UEAT sales channel”

“The reason why we teamed up with UEAT was the communication.”

With UEAT, you get a lot of extras

A dedicated Customer Success team to maximize your restaurant’s sales success
24/7 support from real, live humans who care
Canada-wide installation and maintenance by Moneris Field Services for our self-ordering kiosk solution
Training resources to help you make the most of our solutions

Trusted by restaurants like yours

Never leave money on the digital table ever again.

Your restaurant deserves to turn a better profit as the frontier of online ordering has just begun. Future-proof your business with UEAT.