“Thai food with a kick!” is the brand’s motto. 

Founded in 2007, Thaïzone quickly carved a strong reputation in the casual quick service restaurant market. Now well-established with over 36 locations in Eastern Canada, Thaïzone focuses on a multiservice concept: food service, take-out, delivery and drive-through.


The Challenge

With customers placing their orders online like never before, Thaïzone already had an online ordering platform. But the team felt like their platform was underutilized. The vast majority of customers were still ordering over the phone, which meant orders (and revenue) were directly linked to someone picking up the phone, which bogged down the productivity of front-of-the-house staff.

Also factor in that upselling (having customers add additional items to their order) on their current online ordering platform was clearly not providing the results the team was expecting.


The Results

After looking at different online ordering platforms, Thaïzone was introduced to UEAT.

Immediately, the team fell in love with UEAT’s turnkey integration with their operations. UEAT’s platform elevated the chain’s customer experience by providing a lightning-quick ordering process combined with a non-intrusive upsell module.

It didn’t take too long for Thaïzone to realize how big of a move switching to UEAT was both financially and operationally.

A few short days after going live, the results were immediate: call-in customers dropped. The chain noticed a considerable increase in the number of orders across all sales regions. What’s more: the highest average basket size ever recorded.

“If we had known our average ticket size would increase drastically and that the integration with UEAT was so easy, we would have made the switch a lot earlier“


Pascale Blouin, Marketing Director

Thaïzone is still actively looking to open more locations and continue their expansion in Canada. The team knows that with UEAT’s direct POS integration, smart upsell module and dedicated customer success team, Thaïzone finally found the win-win partnership it was looking for.


Thaïzone was launched in 2007 and now under the MTY group, the chain has more than 36 locations across Eastern Canada.

Food type

Thaïfood with a kick