Pokérrito is a fast food restaurant chain made healthy. With 9 locations, it has been a staple for poke fans who live in metro Vancouver, including Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey, and Langley. It is renowned for its signature and build-your-own poke bowls as well as its Pokerritos (a Hawaiian/Asian twist on a Mexican classic).


The Challenge

Before integrating UEAT’s technology, Pokérrito was looking to more effectively manage its locations’ management of build-your-own poke bowls. Up to 85% of bowls that are ordered for on-premise dining, takeout and delivery are custom-made, which increased the complexity in order-taking and led to long queues during peak hours. Third-party delivery apps were also making a dent in Pokrrito’s margins, which was not sustainable for the business.


The Solution

Pokérrito chose UEAT’s mobile app, online ordering, and digital self-serve kiosk technologies to streamline their front-of-the-house operations. Each turnkey solution was branded specifically for Pokérrito, providing a direct sales channel that reduces the need for costly third-party services. UEAT’s technology, being a local Canadian business, offered a sense of proximity and trust. The kiosk system simplified the poke bowl customization process, guiding customers through each step and featuring a wide range of additional options that were previously difficult to manage.


The Results

UEAT solutions transformed Pokérrito’s customer service. The intuitive step-by-step process of the kiosks made custom orders simple and efficient, which helped to minimize queues and wait times. This not only made it more convenient for customers but also allowed each restaurant location to retain more of its margins by avoiding unnecessary fees. What’s more: introducing UEAT’s platforms did not eliminate human interaction—they enhanced it by allowing staff to focus on providing better, more personalized service rather than managing complex orders. Thanks to UEAT’s convenience and improved service, Pokérrito’s new customer experience has been a revenue driver. As Paul (Hyung Sun) Chun, Director of Operations, told us: “UEAT helps businesses grow!”


Pokérrito was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, to offer a wide range of contemporary, creative and fresh poke bowls and fusion poke-style burritos. What makes Pokérrito truly stand out is its wide range of customizable options and delicious sauces that customers can choose from to let them enjoy their poke bowls any way they want them. As a part of its environmental stewardship and sustainability strategy, Pokérrito is a proud partner of Ocean Wise, a global conservation organization on a mission to protect and restore the world’s oceans.

Food type

Healthy and sustainable poke bowls