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UEAT HUB: A unified point of entry for all orders of Casa Grecque

“We would never go back to what it was before”
casa grecque
Denis Monette, Director of Operations

Casa Grecque, MTY Group

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Since opening its very first restaurant in 1980, Casa Grecque pioneered the “Bring Your Own Wine” concept. The brand’s philosophy is to offer Greek-inspired dishes, including freshly prepared grilled meats and seafood at affordable prices. The 28 location restaurant chain joined the MTY Group in 2018.

The Challenge

Before COVID hit, Casa Grecque did very few takeout and delivery orders. As an on-premise-focused restaurant, the brand didn’t have a choice but to partner with third-party delivery apps. The team also chose UEAT as their online ordering provider.

Having to deal with multiple tablets at the same time, all ringing at different times, a full-time employee’s sole responsibility was to manage all the tablets and manually type in all the orders on the restaurant’s Point of Sale (POS) system.

In addition, if a menu item could not be offered, the team had to log into each tablet one by one to turn off availability. Not only was that counter intuitive (customers could still order the item until it was removed from each third party delivery platform), but dealing with multiple tablets and double inputs quickly became overwhelming across the 28 locations.
casa grecque

The Results

Casa Grecque integrated the UEAT Hub into every single location province-wide.

The integration of UEAT HUB made the lives of both management and the franchisees a lot easier. Now with all digital orders under one platform, each order is automatically pushed to the POS system and printed in the kitchen, regardless of the third-party app. No more double inputs were required and ordering mistakes drastically reduced.

With UEAT’s menu management, whenever the team needs to add, remove or change an item on the menu, staff can do it on a single platform and the change is immediately pushed to every third party delivery app.

With dining rooms now at full capacity, the team can continue to offer both on-premise meals and a complete digital experience on all platforms without the headache of dealing with multiple tablets.

καλή όρεξη (Bon appétit!)
Casa grecque
casa grecque
With more than 28 locations and part of the MTY Group, Casa Grecque has revolutionized the world of food service in Quebec with its “Bring Your Own Wine” concept and its philosophy of eating well at affordable prices.
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