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Introducing the new UEAT

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June 21, 2023

Completely redesigned. As simple as ever.

Ever since its inception in 2017, UEAT’s mission remains the same: simplify the life of restaurateurs with state-of-the-art digital ordering tools. It was only fitting that our branding echoes with our solutions: smart, innovative and simple.

New logo

We wanted our new logo to get a modern and timeless design while remaining… simple.

One of our core values at UEAT is about building mutual win-win relationships with our customers. That’s why we chose to showcase our customers’ colors in our logo and website. With our black and white background, the colors you see are those of our customers, our partners.

New website

Simple is not limited to our logo. We extended the new branding to a completely redesigned website.

Our technology helps hundreds of restaurateurs daily and we wanted to properly explain the help we provide to the restaurant industry. We summarized our offerings and benefits into 4 categories that we name the 4 pillars of UEAT.


The 4 pillars of UEAT

State-of-the-Art Digital Ordering

We build innovative tools to optimize your operations, increase your profitability and foster customer loyalty. Each customized to your brand.

AI-Powered Customer Experience

Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence module provides a unique ordering experience for your guests with advanced menu personalization and recommendations. All done in real time, automatically.

Integrated Delivery

We believe each restaurant should be able to provide delivery without having to pay a commission.  We’re fully integrated with the industry leading delivery tools and we work to help protect your margins.

Smart Marketing Tools

Great customer experience – that’s how you differentiate yourself from the competition. With our advanced and intuitive marketing tools, fostering brand promoters and repeat customers couldn’t be easier.

4 pillars, endless possibilities. The new UEAT – and it’s just the beginning.

We’re pretty excited about the revamp and we hope you are too.


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