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UEAT’s restaurant online ordering system is truly one of a kind. Our technology is based on an exclusive recommendation module, RAI™, that is powered by artificial intelligence. It allows restaurateurs to create highly relevant, personalized and non-intrusive online ordering experiences for their customers.

It’s a breakthrough solution that helps restaurateurs optimize their profits on each order.

What’s more: UEAT’s online ordering system gives restaurateurs access to their customer data and deep analytics. These insights become the rock-solid foundation of any profitable restaurant’s marketing and operations.

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Restaurant types we serve
Chains and franchises

UEAT can handle multi-locations and multi-menus for chains and franchises of any size or operational complexity.

Independent restaurants

UEAT’s team will get your online ordering up and running in less than a day. You remain in control to manage the influx of online orders on any given day.

Digital & ghost kitchens

Operate several digital and ghost kitchens? You can feature several different brands in one platform and one cart. No more juggling required. We also integrate with your POS and delivery systems.

Mall restaurants & food courts

With UEAT, customers can access one multi-brand cart that features all of your on-site restaurants. They simply use UEAT’s proximity dispatch app to order and get their meals by foot delivery. Ideal for offices and group orders!


Room service or boxed meals to go offered by your on-site restaurants, coffee shops and bar become an operational and customer service breeze thanks to UEAT.

Stadium & theaters

Keep customers riveted on the stage performance and minimize foot traffic disruptions with in-seat delivery or pre-ordering items for intermissions.

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Let your customers order from anywhere, safely.

UEAT’s end-to-end suite of online ordering systems, mobile kiosks and mobile apps are developed for restaurateurs looking to gain a competitive edge in a new market reality—all while offering customers the flexibility to safely enjoy meals from your establishment.

On-premise contactless ordering and payments

UEAT also offers on-premise ordering. All your customers have to do is scan a QR coded menu, select their items, and pay directly from their mobile phones. This can be applied for skipping the line, drive thru and table-side ordering

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Customers can pick a date or time to place their orders based on menu items and time slots you have optimized. Overwhelmed? You can in a breeze adjust the pace of your order volume with the capacity of your kitchen.

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Curbside pickup

Let customers preselect a day and time for curbside pickup for maximum convenience. Customers arrive in their cars at the appointed time and a member of your staff delivers their orders in the parking lot.


Whether you have your own fleet, prefer working with local delivery companies, or want to use our integration with fixed-rate third-party delivery providers, UEAT connects to your backend systems for a smooth delivery experience.

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Room service

Improve the efficiency and simplify the work of your front-of-the-house staff by enabling guests to order and pay for food and beverages from the comfort of their rooms.

In-seat ordering

Provide a better customer experience and minimize distractions by letting your attendees order and pay right from their seats.

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Office delivery

Use UEAT’s proximity dispatch app and cater to companies located around your establishment. Employees can order and get their food quickly during their busy days at the office or on worksites.

And much more!

Food trucks. Culinary, music, and sports festivals. Foodie events organized between restaurants across neighborhoods, cities, provinces/states. With UEAT, the only limit is your imagination!

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