Crafting the perfect online menu

Updating your menu online should be a top priority. It’s not merely about having your best-sellers front and center; it’s about showcasing your seasonal specials that resonate with customers’ celebratory mood. Envision a menu that not only tantalizes the palate but also caters to the occasion, whether it’s a family gathering, business lunch or a corporate party. The trick is in offering variety!

One point to keep in mind: if you want to increase direct sales, offer exclusive menu items on your online ordering platform to distinguish them from your menus on third-party delivery apps.


Convert browsers to buyers

Your website is the gateway for customers to order food directly from your restaurant. Since speed is of the essence, especially during the holiday rush, a slow-loading site or a cumbersome ordering process can stifle the holiday spirit faster than a burnt turkey. Ensuring your website and online ordering platform are mobile-friendly, quick to load, and easy to navigate.


Up your social media game and online presence

In the digital age, your restaurant lives in two worlds: the physical and the virtual. Your social media accounts and Google Business Profile act as your restaurant’s digital billboard. Update all of them with your Holiday menus, business hours, and enticing calls to action that invite customers to click and order directly from you.


Facilitate your ordering process

As orders ramp up, the ability to process them efficiently becomes as crucial as the quality of the food served. Simplicity here is key. Streamline your ordering process to minimize the steps between desire and satisfaction. Provide clear options for meal customization and add-ons,–and encourage advanced Holiday orders to manage your kitchen’s workflows more effectively.

Create promotions that drive sales

Using UEAT’s promotional tools can transform a standard offer into a popular hit. It’s about creating a sense of exclusivity and anticipation around your Holiday specials. Engage with your customers through targeted campaigns that highlight the unique attributes of your seasonal menu. Advertize these specials where your customers are most likely to see them, including Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and email newsletters.


Achieve a new level of flawless execution

An optimal online ordering experience can be a game-changer for repeat Holiday sales. Work with your UEAT Customer Success expert to find ways to better handle the influx of regular, advanced, and group orders. UEAT offers many different ways to prepare for peak ordering times, aggregate incoming orders, and configure prep times to reduce pressure on staff.

Talk to your expert for more information

Let customers unwrap fun Holiday packaging

The package is part of the delight when receiving a restaurant order. Adding a festive touch to your delivery packaging can distinguish your restaurant from the competition. Whether it’s through customized branding or seasonal decorations, these details contribute to the overall dining experience. And don’t forget: add coupons in your delivery packaging so that the next time, your customers will be incited to come back for more!


Ask for the gift of feedback

After the tinsel has settled, it’s time to reflect. Soliciting customer feedback post-holidays offers valuable insights into what delighted and what could be refined. This feedback becomes the foundation for improving your services in the future. Whether through an email survey or asking for reviews on Google and other restaurant rating sites, reviews also reassure potential customers that your restaurant is worth ordering from!

Remember that you’re not in this alone. UEAT’s Customer Success team is dedicated to supporting your restaurant through the busiest of times. Reach out so that we can help you make the most of the merriest time of the year!

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