Mother’s Day is the busiest day for restaurants. According to the National Restaurant Association survey, this holiday is one of the biggest sales periods of the year, with customers flocking to dining rooms or ordering restaurant takeout or delivery to treat the moms in their lives.

That same survey features some pretty compelling takeout and delivery statistics:

  • 51% of customers want freebie for mom, such as a special cocktail, dessert, flowers, or chocolates
  • 49% of consumers want free or discounted delivery
  • 44% prefer multi-course meal bundles

So how can a busy restaurateur maximize online sales this Mother’s Day? Check out our tips below!


1. Dinner in a box

According to a recent survey, dinner is the most popular choice when people decide to celebrate the holiday.

Plan on having a complete “Dinner in a box” available on your online ordering platform for both takeout and delivery. You can feature a 3-course meal and include a bottle of wine as part of your bundle. Don’t forget to think of a cute name for your meal!


2. Promote ahead of time

Think of setting a promotion for early birds by offering either a discount or a little extra like a free appetizer. That way, you are encouraging your customers to order ahead and you can better plan your day and the required amount of food.

People tend to be last minute. Start posting on social media 3 weeks before Mother’s Day and don’t be shy about publishing multiple posts about your promotion, especially a few days before the Holiday.


3. This is the Brunch you’re looking for

Even though dinner is the most popular mealtime for Mother’s Day, the National Restaurant Association found that 23 percent of American consumers planned to enjoy more than one restaurant meal on Mother’s Day.

If your restaurant can provide it, think about adding both a classic and a healthy brunch option for your customers. Great menu examples: pancakes or Belgian waffles with maple syrup, a breakfast burrito filled with eggs & fresh veggies (very healthy!) and top it all off with a classic mimosa or a creamy avocado smoothie.


4. Partner with local businesses

Leverage your relationships with local businesses to carry out joint promotions or offer combos. For example, partner with a local flower shop, spa, beauty salon and put together a package your customers can buy online to treat their mothers.

Make sure to raise awareness about your bundle on both business’ social media pages, email newsletters and with front-of-the-house staff.


5. Gift cards

Based on estimates from the National Retail Federation, consumers plan to spend $274.02 per person on Mother’s Day. That amount is even higher for the 35-44 age demographic, who are likely to spend $382.26! 74% are likely to spend a part of their budgets on greeting cards. Why not encourage your customers to add gift cards to your restaurants?

Again, it is important to start your gift card promotions early and incentivize customers with add-ons. For example, you could offer a deal with which the first 25 customers to buy a Mother’s Day gift card get a free, exclusive dessert for mom!


6. Fun for the whole family!

Mom’s always put themselves last, especially when it comes to their kids, right? Driving restaurant sales during Mother’s Day can be as simple as whipping up an affordable children’s menu for customers who opt for your Mother’s Day special.

Let’s say you have concocted a special Mother’s Day menu. You could include two children’s dishes at a special price as an upsell. And don’t forget kidless promos: dessert, appetizer and beverage add-ons are always a hit!

There you have it! Get your creative juices flowing to boost your Mother’s Day sales. Never underestimate the potential of takeout sales to ease pressure on your staff and elevate your margins. Happy Mother’s Day!

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