2024 Guide to increase restaurant’s profit margins

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Amid current economic challenges, restaurateurs must embrace innovative ways to improve profit margins.


Our free guide offers many practical tips on effectively utilizing cutting-edge technology and overcoming profitability barriers. Learn how to cut costs without compromising quality, optimize your menu, and leverage customer data for informed decisions. This guide is an invaluable resource for any restaurateur looking to navigate the modern restaurant landscape successfully.


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Self-Ordering Kiosk: Consumers want them. Restaurants need them.

Unlock the potential of a next-generation technology.

Next-generation self-ordering kiosks are becoming a game-changing innovation in the restaurant industry-both for restaurateurs and customers. On the one hand, consumers’ lives have become increasingly fast-paced, convenience and efficiency are essential. Enjoying a great customer experience has become a top expectation for guests continuing to favour one restaurant over the other.

2024 Marketing guide and trends for restaurants

New market trends and consumer behaviour will impact your restaurant marketing

Restaurant owners and managers face a whole range of new challenges in 2023 that show no signs of letting up for 2024. New market trends, driven by factors such as inflation, a widespread staffing shortage, and changing consumer preferences, are forcing restaurateurs to rethink their marketing strategies—both in 2023 and beyond. This restaurant marketing guide pulls together marketing ideas that restaurateurs can implement without breaking the bank.

Take control of your restaurant’s omnichannel customer experience

Guide: Boost customer loyalty with a stellar omnichannel experience in your restaurant

Whether in your dining room or online sales channels, the experience your restaurant patrons enjoy should be seamless and consistent. Nothing is worse than customers having a great on-site experience, only to hate ordering food from your restaurant for takeout, delivery or curbside pick-up.

If your online sales channels are meh (read: dull pictures/descriptions, complicated to use, or simply not available on channels your customers want), your clientele will ditch buying from your restaurant like they had hot coals in their hands.

Read our latest guide to discover the importance of creating omni-channel experiences for your restaurant customers and gain quick tips you can implement with the right partner. Download it for free by filling out this form!

Biggest tech time wasters that kill restaurant operations

Guide: Are you struggling to tame the restaurant tech beast?

As restaurateurs continue their digital transformations to cater to a new generation of tech-first customers, many are calling into question whether technology really does help them save time and improve their margins.

Dealing with multiple tablets from delivery apps, managing multiple menus, dealing with peak periods, and spending time trying to increase online visibility of their businesses are just a few of the tech challenges busy restaurant managers and owners face.

But there is a way to tame the tech beast. Download our latest guide to explore how the right restaurant technology can really save you time and ease pressure on your staff in a tight labour market. Read it for free by filling out this form!

Guide to customer loyalty for restaurants

Modernize your restaurant’s loyalty program Guide

In today’s competitive post-pandemic restaurant industry, creating a one-of-a-kind customer experience is just one of the many ways to improve customer loyalty. Loyalty programs—effective loyalty programs—are another.

As consumer preferences change, many restaurateurs are realizing that the loyalty programs they put in place in the place are no longer as enticing for their customers as they used to be.

Check out our latest guide to explore how you can create a modern loyalty program for your restaurant business without breaking the bank. Download it for free by filling out this form!

Upselling using your online ordering platform

Upselling is not just reserved for on-premise dining.

Did you know that with small tweaks to your online ordering platform, you could effortlessly increase each average ticket size?

Get our latest Upselling Guide for restaurateurs and learn how you can rake in more profits with the right upselling strategies and personalized recommendations for customers.