Get ready for an engaging and informative session as we dive into the world of next-generating self-ordering kiosks in restaurants. Designed with restaurant owners, managers, and other decision-makers in mind, this webinar offers the strategies required to efficiently implement and operate self-service kiosks to maximize revenues and elevate the customer experience.


We’ll kick off the webinar by examining the current state of self-ordering kiosks in the restaurant industry. We’ll discuss the accelerating trend of self-service technology and why it’s more relevant than ever.


Next, we’ll talk about the common mistakes associated with implementing and managing self-ordering kiosks and offer tips on how to avoid them for minimal impact on your sales and operations.


In the final segment, we’ll show proven best practices for making the most of restaurant self-service kiosks and present case studies of successful kiosk implementation.


Whether you’re contemplating the adoption of kiosks, or you’re looking to improve the effectiveness of your existing systems, this webinar is a must!