• What are the criterias for a valid prospect? A meeting with an executive of the restaurant has been made. In case of a chain (6 restaurants and more), the contact information must be the one of a key person at the head office and not the contact information of a franchisee. The prospect must have shown an interest for UEAT. The prospect is not already on the list of reserved prospects and is not already in contact with a UEAT representative.
  • How do I know if my prospect has been accepted or refused ? We will send you an email with the status of your submitted prospect.
  • If my prospect is accepted, for how long is the prospect registered under my name? The reservation is valid for 90 days after the registration date. After this period, the prospect is released. However, if serious steps are in progress at the end of the reservation period, an extension request can be sent to UEAT team, proving the seriousness of the progress.