Libro and UEAT

Montreal, Quebec

Libro, an industry leader in online reservation management and diner engagement technologies, and the online food ordering platform UEAT are pleased to announce a new partnership. This collaboration will give restaurants access to innovative digital tools to optimize, grow, and future-proof their business using customer data and engagement technology.

The UEAT platform enables restaurateurs of all formats and sizes to facilitate online orders for pickup and delivery as well as contactless, self-service ordering for on-premises dining. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, UEAT’s online ordering system delivers a highly personalized customer experience that includes non-intrusive upselling recommendations to increase average ticket size. Like Libro, UEAT enables restaurants to retain and leverage customer data using their own fully branded online platform.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Libro to help restaurateurs take control of their online experience. Combining our high-performing online ordering and our Order with Google integration with Libro, Canadian restaurants will have the opportunity to optimize their Business Profile and get the most out of Google Search and Maps, the world’s most visited websites,”, says Martin Lafrance, UEAT’s President.

“Restaurants are realizing the advantages that come with owning their online systems instead of solely relying on third-party sites,”, says Lorne Schwartz, President of Libro. “Whether it’s making a dinner reservation online or ordering lunch online, a simple, frictionless experience is essential for restaurants, and our partnership with UEAT ensures diners remain within the restaurant’s ecosystem.”


About UEAT

Headquartered in Quebec City, Canada, UEAT offers frictionless white-label online ordering solutions for chains and independent restaurants. UEAT powers online ordering for takeout, delivery, curbside pick-up, and tableside ordering for thousands of restaurants in North America and Europe. UEAT helps restaurants take control of their digital business and improve customer experience by offering simple-to-use, yet powerful technology to build a more efficient and more profitable online business. For more information, visit


About Libro

Libro, is one of North America’s leading online reservation management solutions providing restaurants with an affordable, fully branded solution to fill tables, manage reservations, reduce no-shows, engage customers, and elevate the overall guest experience. The company’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform empowers restaurateurs to control the entire online reservation experience, retain all customer information, and eliminate pricey commission models that often come with third party reservation sites. Headquartered in Montreal, the Libro reservation platform is utilized at over 2,500 locations across Canada, the United States, and Europe. For more information, visit

UEAT to offer comprehensive training for the technologies au service de la restauration program

Joint project between ITHQ, Alfred Intelligent Cellars and the Ministère de l’économie et de l’innovation as part of the Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery for the Restaurant Industry

Quebec, August 30, 2021 – Considered an important technology partner for restaurateurs across North America, UEAT is proud to do its part and provide members of the restaurant industry with the tools they need to run successful businesses. UEAT will provide extensive training as part of the Technologies au service de la restauration program (in French), which has been launched today. Created by ITHQ (Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec) and Alfred Intelligent Cellars, in collaboration with the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation (MEI) as part of the post-pandemic economic recovery for the restaurant industry, this training program aims to provide the restaurants, hotels, and bars with specialized training on new technologies and best practices in management. 

UEAT proprietary technology, powered by artificial intelligence, enables restaurateurs to offer direct online ordering for their customers as well as contactless self-ordering solutions for on-premise dining. As part of the training program, UEAT will provide free training courses starting in October 2021. Two separate modules, one in the fall of 2021 and one during the winter of 2022, will give participants the insights and pragmatic strategies to thrive in today’s omni-channel restaurant industry that caters to an ever-growing digital-native clientele.

The first training module will tackle online ordering and how turn even higher profits thanks to proven tactics. It will also address the tremendous potential of artificial intelligence—and how UEAT has democratized this advanced technology for restaurant chains and individual restaurants alike. UEAT will also explain how to better manage third-party delivery apps and how restaurants can offer delivery without adding more staff.

“We are very proud to share our technology expertise to budding restaurateurs. Throughout the pandemic, UEAT has helped restaurant owners overcome the tremendous stress and challenges caused by the global pandemic. We hope that this new program will be the springboard to successful ventures in the future,” said Alexandre Martin, UEAT’s CEO. “The fact that the training sessions are online and free is ideal for all restaurant professionals who are grappling with very busy schedules. All participants can count on UEAT to sharpen their digital skills for the long-term viability of their restaurants.”

For program details and registration (in French):



Located in the province of Quebec, UEAT creates innovative online ordering solutions to help thousands of North American and European restaurateurs optimize their operations, increase profitability and build customer loyalty. UEAT provides an intuitive and cutting-edge platform powered by RAI™, an artificial intelligence module that customizes menu items according to the user, the weather, or a special event for a more personalized shopping experience. UEAT recently received the SME of the Year award from the Quebec Technology Association (AQT).

UEAT partners with Connect&Go

Quebec, July 20th, 2021 – UEAT and Connect&GO are joining forces to provide a new contactless self-ordering online solution for restaurants located in stadiums, resorts, amusement parks, sports events, and festivals. This natural partnership brings together two growing Canadian technology companies: UEAT, renowned for its artificial intelligence-powered systems designed for restaurants (independent or chains), ghost kitchens, and hotels; and Connect&GO, a smart wristbands’ global leader for the entertainment industry. The latter is known for smart wristbands used in major events, such as the Olympic Games and the Super Bowl, as well as FEQ (Festival d’été de Québec) and Osheaga here in Quebec.

Over the next few months, Connect&GO will implement UEAT‘s solution in a major water park and dozens of amusement parks across Canada and the United States.

No more lineups with online ordering

This new fully integrated Konnect virtual wallet platform by Connect&GO allows events and venues to offer visitors food ordering from their cell phone, either with an app or on the web, from on-site concessions. “When over 10,000 visitors get hungry at the same time, you must be highly efficient regarding logistics. With Konnect Mobile Ordering, our clients benefit from the most advanced technology to avoid logistical issues and improve their guests’ experience,” says Marc-André Dubé, Technical Director – Product Management at Connect&Go.

This partnership allows customers to:

Benefits for visitors, venues, and F&B partners

Contrary to traditional products on the market, UEAT‘s and Connect&GO’s unique integrated system offers a wide range of advantages for both users and F&B partners. 

Visitors benefit from cashless transactions and never have to compromise on the guest experience. Thanks to UEAT’s innovative RAITM, a recommendation module based on artificial intelligence, customers enjoy a highly relevant and personalized ordering experience according to the weather or their profile as a season ticket holder.

F&B partners gain better exposure to visitors, address ebbs and flows and inventory while making their front-of-the-house staff more efficient. They can also leverage RAI’sTM non-intrusive upselling features to boost average ticket sizes. In addition, F&B businesses can access comprehensive analytics to modify operations and make changes to menu items based on several parameters, including seasonality, time of day, etc.

Helping the restaurant and hospitality sectors – a shared vision

“We are thrilled to be working with Connect&GO as the team shares the same vision as we do to put the power of the latest technologies to work for companies in the restaurant, hospitality, sports, and entertainment sectors, explains Alexandre Martin, UEAT’s CEO. By combining our artificial intelligence capabilities and online ordering platform with Connect&GO’s smart wristband and operations software, we are delivering a new generation of experiences for venues around the world.”

Dominic Gagnon, Connect&GO‘s CEO added, “Our partnership with UEAT allows us to offer events and venues the most advanced and efficient technology on the market. Our industry bore the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic but, with it, new needs and trends have emerged, including online ordering and virtual queue management. With Konnect Mobile Ordering, our clients will be at the forefront of these new trends and will rapidly increase their revenues.”

About UEAT

Based in Canada, UEAT creates innovative online ordering solutions to help thousands of North American and European restaurateurs optimize their operations, increase profitability and build customer loyalty. UEAT provides an intuitive and cutting-edge platform powered by RAI™, an artificial intelligence module that customizes menu items according to the user, the weather, or a special event for a more personalized shopping experience. UEAT recently received the SME of the Year award from the Quebec Technology Association (AQT).

About Connect&Go

Connect&GO is a global leader in RFID technology that offers a unique combination of wearable technology and intuitive operating management systems for the leisure, sports, and entertainment industries. Our all-in-one platform powers Omni-channel ticketing, waivers, access control, point of sale, cashless payments, gamification, experiential activations and activities, creating a seamless end-to-end guest experience that generates secondary revenues, increases spend-per-head, and maximizes engagement. We have partnered with major amusement and water parks, brands and agencies, festivals and sporting events around the world to integrate our easy-to-use wearable technology into the incredible experiences they offer. We also provide modular operations software that helps our clients achieve optimal visibility and efficiency for their businesses. We make it simple for guests to ENTER, PAY and PLAY! For more information on Connect&GO, visit

UEAT: selected for the Google Cloud Accelerator Canada program

Quebec, July 14th, 2021 – UEAT, known for its innovative online ordering platform, is pleased to announce its participation in the Google Cloud Accelerator Canada program, a popular course for emerging technology companies. Holding a three-month digital accelerator program for the first time in Canada, the Google Cloud Accelerator will focus on cloud-native technologies that have become essential to businesses, governments, and consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic year. High-potential companies get to join this accelerator to stimulate cloud-native technologies’ growth and innovation!

A leading technology company

Canadian start-up UEAT, has been participating in the Google Cloud Accelerator Canada program since July 12, following a rigorous selection process. It will attend the coveted program along with 11 other Canadian companies until September 26, 2021.

“With restaurants forced to close due to the pandemic, this past year has shown the importance of cloud technologies for businesses and consumers, especially in the food and beverage industry. UEAT‘s platform helps restaurants of all sizes seamlessly transition to highly-popular digital ordering. We are excited about UEAT‘s participation in our first ever Google Cloud Accelerator program in Canada, and are thrilled to work with them in the next phase of their company’s growth,” said Ashley Francisco, Head of Startup Developer Ecosystem, Canada at Google.

Attending companies benefit from cloud mentorship and technical project support to get the best of Google’s programs, products, experts, and technology. It is also an opportunity to remain at the cutting-edge by sharing knowledge and experiences. The 10-week accelerator program also includes product design, customer acquisition, and leadership development for start-up founders and leaders.

“Being selected to attend the Google Cloud Accelerator program shows how far we have come in using Google tools to develop our innovative and unique technology,” says Alexandre Martin, UEAT’s CEO. Leveraging those tools helps restaurants succeed in the digital transformation.” Alexandre adds that UEAT is determined to go to the next level using resources and tools provided within the program.

About UEAT

Canada-based UEAT creates innovative online ordering solutions to help thousands of North-American and European restaurateurs optimize their operations, increase profitability, and build customer loyalty. UEAT provides an intuitive and cutting-edge platform powered by RAI™, an artificial intelligence module that customizes menu items according to the user, the weather, or a special event for a more personalized shopping experience. UEAT recently received the SME of the Year award from the Quebec Technology Association (AQT).

Moneris acquires UEAT to broaden unified commerce solutions for restaurant businesses across Canada

TORONTO, ON & QUÉBEC, QC – October 6, 2021 – Moneris Solutions Corporation (“Moneris”), a Canadian leader in unified commerce, announced it has completed the acquisition of UEAT, a provider of innovative online ordering solutions for restaurateurs. The relationship originally started as a partnership where Moneris was the preferred payment processor for UEAT’s customers in Canada providing a unified commerce solution. This acquisition will further strengthen each company’s go-to-market alignment while maintaining UEAT’s integration flexibility.

As the shift to digital commerce has accelerated over the past few years, Moneris continues to identify and invest in value-added services to offer to Canadian business owners. Already familiar with UEAT, the acquisition is a natural fit and evolution of the ongoing relationship. By combining Moneris’ suite of digital offerings with UEAT’s online ordering solutions, restaurateurs will be able to easily engage in omni-channel ordering and sales, optimize capacity, access customer data, address the current labour shortage, and increase the overall lifetime value of repeat customers.

“The food service industry has changed dramatically over the past few years. Omni-channel ordering and sales is a must have feature for these businesses and Moneris’ acquisition of UEAT furthers our commitment to delivering innovative, digital-first solutions to our merchants,” said Angela Brown, President and CEO, Moneris. “We’re excited to welcome UEAT to the Moneris family and work with them to deliver market-leading solutions for restaurateurs across Canada and globally.”

UEAT will become a subsidiary of Moneris. The company will continue to operate with no changes to their structure, culture or management. A proud start-up from Québec, QC, UEAT will maintain its headquarters in the city and further Moneris’ already significant presence in the province. The acquisition is another example of Moneris’ strategic focus on delivering creative technology solutions that help Canadian businesses shift to, and grow in, the digital commerce space, giving them the opportunity to thrive in Canada and internationally.

“UEAT has carved an enviable reputation in the market unlike any other online ordering platform. We have built our robust restaurant technology on the latest best practices in UX and artificial intelligence. We offer a wide range of tools to help restaurateurs leverage online ordering to grow their business. And we provide simplified support and training for time-strapped restaurateurs to boost digital sales,” explained Martin Lafrance, President and Co-founder of UEAT. “We are thrilled to become a part of Moneris—all while continuing to expand our presence, creating more jobs in Québec, and stimulating our local economy.”

As both companies are privately held, the terms of the acquisition agreement were not disclosed.


About UEAT

Based in Canada, UEAT creates innovative online ordering solutions to help restaurant chains and independents across North America increase the overall lifetime value of their customers as well as their profit margins thanks to a range of online ordering and payment solutions based on artificial intelligence that personalizes each customer experience.

For more information, please visit and follow @UEATSolutions.


About Moneris

Moneris is Canada’s largest provider of innovative, unified solutions for mobile, online and in-store payments, processing more than one in three transactions. Serving businesses of every size and industry, Moneris offers hardware, software and solutions to help transform the way businesses grow and operate, in payments and beyond.

For more information please visit and follow @moneris.


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