White Label Food Ordering App

A food ordering app tailored to your restaurant brand

A personalized food ordering app for restaurants

Treat yourself to UEAT’s whitelabel mobile application – a full-fledged app custom made to your name, logo, colors and brand. 

Our team of experts will personalize your ordering system just the way you want it. Boost your sales and keep control over your brand’s identity. Your customers will be able to order from your custom-built app on both  Android and iOS devices.

Key advantages of UEAT's

Third-party delivery services such as Uber Eats, Just Eat or GrubHub charge high commissions to their customers. With UEAT’s ordering platform, forget about high commissions and promote your very own custom food ordering app on your website to raise awareness,increase your average bill and keep more money in your pockets

Your clients can now order on their terms, either on your website or mobile app. They can easily and quickly place their orders on their smartphones thanks to UEAT’s frictionless 3 step ordering process.

Your increased online visibility strengthens your brand image and builds notoriety. With your own UEAT custom food ordering app, you keep full control over your brand identity and reach a new audience.

Adding online orders to your restaurant services creates a new sales channel. And since the average basket size of online orders is consistently higher, this generates a considerable increase in your profits. 

Takeout, delivery, curbside pickup, table ordering – UEAT’s ordering ecosystem offers safe contactless ordering for your guests both off-site and in-restaurant.

Forget spending tens of thousands of dollars on developing an app. Go online and start accepting orders today.

Simple 3-step ordering

Ordering online needs to be as quick or quicker than ordering by phone. This is why our white label food app is designed with our frictionless  3-step ordering process – the fastest ordering process in the industry

Step 1

Pick time & order type

First, pick your order type: takeout, delivery, table ordering or even room delivery. Then select the date and time you’d like to get your food.

Step 2

Pick food

Your menu will stand out with beautiful and colorful pictures - your customers can browser your entire menu at their own pace.. Our app comes with an integrated smart upsell module, which provides personalized food suggestions and considerably increases your revenue.

Step 3


Users simply have to enter their payment information and leave a tip if they want to. Account creation is not mandatory to order online using the UEAT platform. It’s all about removing any unnecessary barriers for your guests.

Are you a restaurant owner?

List your restaurant online and start taking orders in no time. Our team sets you up in record time.

Your restaurant never sleeps

Streamline your business operations by accepting orders 24/7.. Boost your brand image by offering your customers the option to place orders on your website or mobile app when it works best for them.

Smart Upsell

Thanks to our smart upsell module, your custom app will be able to predict with the highest success rate what your customers want to order. Our online ordering system will systematically offer upsell items - set it up once and you never have to think about it again.

Smart Marketing tools

UEAT provides restaurants with smart marketing tools to foster loyalty and boost sales. With our online ordering platform, sending the right promotion to the right customer couldn’t be easier.


Integration with various top of the line POS systems for smooth order processing

UEAT’s mobile app is integrated with various different POS systems as well as loyalty programs, delivery apps, restaurant hardware and software. Discover all our partners

Thanks to our POS integrations, your orders will automatically reach your kitchen without any additional human interaction.  

Plus, with our direct WordPress integration – the world’s most popular content management system (CMS) – you can add online ordering on your own website in record time without any additional spending. Optimize your operations and increase your sales with UEAT.

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