Paramount Fine Foods, a leading Middle Eastern franchise with over 33 locations across Canada, is renowned for its commitment to quality, freshness, service, and dining experience. To enhance convenience for their guests and looking for a seamless Canadian online ordering solution, Paramount turned to UEAT.

The Challenge

Paramount Fine Foods needed an online ordering platform that could:

Efficiently manage high order volumes.

Offer customizable options for their extensive menu.

Integrate seamlessly with their existing systems.

Provide a user-friendly experience with responsive customer support.

Another important consideration for Paramount was to work with an established Canadian company to ensure:

Local market understanding.

Seamless currency and payment processing. 

Compliance with Canadian data privacy and security regulations.

The Solution

Following extensive research, Paramount selected UEAT, a Canadian company, for its robust features and local market expertise. The UEAT platform met all their criteria by offering:

An intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Extensive customization capabilities for menu options.

Smooth integration with Paramount's existing POS and other systems.

Responsive customer support ensuring any issues are swiftly resolved.

Compliance with Canadian data privacy and security regulations.

"Having an online ordering system makes it very convenient for guests to place orders, and after extensive research, we found UEAT. They have been able to fulfill all our requirements for starting our online ordering system."

The Results

“We are extremely satisfied with the results. We saw an increase in our monthly number of orders.”

Paramount Fine Foods has been collaborating with UEAT for the past five years and has seen remarkable improvements:


A significant increase in the number of monthly orders.

An average order basket between $75 and $78.

Nearly $4 million in revenue generated.

Over 90,000 transactions processed, reflecting the system’s reliability and efficiency.

By partnering with UEAT, Paramount Fine Foods has successfully enhanced their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, solidifying their position as a leader in the Middle Eastern dining experience in Canada.

"Paramount and UEAT are like shish-taouk and garlic. You can't have shish-taouk without garlic and you can't have garlic without shish-taouk."

Never leave money on the digital table ever again.

Interested to see how UEAT can help you grow your business like it did for Paramount?

bb.q Chicken

bb.q’s restaurant chain is growing in popularity in Canada. With multiple locations across British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, bb.q is redefining the quick-serve landscape with its authentic and fresh Korean chicken (fondly known as K-Chicken) dishes. From Gangnam Style chicken to Cheesling to Golden Fried and beyond, bb.q is on a mission to make great-tasting food and serve up top-of-the-line customer service.

The Challenge

With bb.q’s rapid-fire expansion, John Kangchul You, Head of Marketing, knew that to fulfill its growing clientele’s chicken cravings, the restaurant chain needed a branded mobile app and digital self-ordering kiosks to streamline customer service and increase front-of-the-house capacity. In addition, bb.q was aiming to reduce the hefty commission fees charged by third-party delivery apps by switching customers to direct sales on its very own online ordering platform.


The Solution

bb.q decided to implement UEAT’s mobile app, digital kiosk and online ordering solutions. “The reason why we teamed up with UEAT for all our Canadian locations was the communication,” explained John.

“UEAT truly listens to clients’ needs. They were all so enthusiastic about turning those needs into something UEAT could offer,” he added.

The Results

The results were almost immediate. “For an average month in a restaurant, we process 5,500 orders, with an average ticket size of $40. That represents $200,000 each month,” John said.

bb.q was also able to transition customers to the chain’s direct sales platform, powered by UEAT. This meant that bb.q could use third-party delivery apps more as a marketing channel than its number-one sales channel. “UEAT enabled us to offer the same service at a lower price for both customers and each store,” he said.

UEAT’s digital self-ordering kiosks also had a positive impact on bb.q’s customer satisfaction. Customers didn’t have to wait in line, orders were delivered with higher accuracy, and servers experienced less pressure, especially during rush hours.

“The interface is so user-friendly and easy to use. That’s why we’re seeing more loyal customers and orders being placed more frequently,” John mentioned.

bb.q Canada’s objective was to cover 25% of sales with UEAT’s self-ordering solutions. But as bb.q progressed with UEAT, the restaurant chain identified an even bigger potential; it is expected to surpass the original objective of 25% in 2024.

“Many people think we serve traditional BBQ chicken. But we don’t. We offer the best-of-the-best quality chicken,” John laughed. “And working with the UEAT team is also the best!”



Pokérrito is a fast food restaurant chain made healthy. With 9 locations, it has been a staple for poke fans who live in metro Vancouver, including Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey, and Langley. It is renowned for its signature and build-your-own poke bowls as well as its Pokerritos (a Hawaiian/Asian twist on a Mexican classic).

The Challenge

Before integrating UEAT’s technology, Pokérrito was looking to more effectively manage its locations’ management of build-your-own poke bowls. Up to 85% of bowls that are ordered for on-premise dining, takeout and delivery are custom-made, which increased the complexity in order-taking and led to long queues during peak hours. Third-party delivery apps were also making a dent in Pokrrito’s margins, which was not sustainable for the business.


The Solution

Pokérrito chose UEAT’s mobile app, online ordering, and digital self-serve kiosk technologies to streamline their front-of-the-house operations. Each turnkey solution was branded specifically for Pokérrito, providing a direct sales channel that reduces the need for costly third-party services. UEAT’s technology, being a local Canadian business, offered a sense of proximity and trust. The kiosk system simplified the poke bowl customization process, guiding customers through each step and featuring a wide range of additional options that were previously difficult to manage.

The Results

UEAT solutions transformed Pokérrito’s customer service. The intuitive step-by-step process of the kiosks made custom orders simple and efficient, which helped to minimize queues and wait times. This not only made it more convenient for customers but also allowed each restaurant location to retain more of its margins by avoiding unnecessary fees. What’s more: introducing UEAT’s platforms did not eliminate human interaction—they enhanced it by allowing staff to focus on providing better, more personalized service rather than managing complex orders. Thanks to UEAT’s convenience and improved service, Pokérrito’s new customer experience has been a revenue driver. As Paul (Hyung Sun) Chun, Director of Operations, told us: “UEAT helps businesses grow!”


Tandoori Flame

Tandoori Flame is North America’s largest Indian buffet restaurant, renowned for its diverse dining experience. With three locations in Canada (two in Ontario and one in British Columbia), each serving an average of 400 covers per restaurant. Tandoori Flame offers a high-end buffet, catering services, and take-out options. Guests can place their take-out orders through either an in-store kiosk or online for pick-up or direct delivery. In addition, Tandoori Flame has been serving approximately 20,000 customers a week, showcasing its popularity and significant customer traffic.

The Challenge

Previously, Tandoori Flame was heavily reliant on traditional methods of taking orders and third-party delivery services. The restaurants received between 200 to 300 calls each day for take-out orders, which required significant manpower and often led to operational inefficiencies and long wait times. Furthermore, the use of third-party delivery platforms was becoming increasingly unviable, with the restaurant sometimes having to pay commissions of up to 30%. These challenges truly squeezed Tandoori Flame’s profit margins.

The Results

Tandoori Flame partnered with UEAT in 2018, implementing our online ordering platform.


With this change, Tandoori Flame significantly slashed the commission costs of third-party delivery services, reducing it to less than half. Furthermore, the transition to UEAT’s online ordering brought about a drastic drop in the number of daily phone calls for take-out orders, decreasing to only about 20 calls a day. This greatly reduces the need for extra staff to handle phone orders.


Tandoori Flame has also seen an impressive surge in the average ticket price, with a 60 to 70% increase over the past few years alone, boosting profits substantially at each location.


With UEAT’s 24/7 support and customer success team, Tandoori Flame has been able to manage increased foot traffic—both online and on site—and provide excellent service to their customers, strengthening the restaurants’ unique brand positioning and offer.


“We have nothing but amazing words for UEAT,” explained Shraey. “Signing up with UEAT was the best decision ever.

Shraey G.

Happy Singh

Happy Singh Street Eats is a contemporary restaurant of Indian street snacks located in British Columbia, Canada. The restaurant is renowned for how its teams spread joy through deliciously authentic food and kind Indian hospitality.

The Challenge

In 2021, in just one location alone, Happy Singh had three cashiers and one kiosk. Approximately 30 000 to 40 000 orders were generated using the kiosk. The team soon noticed that when guests would order their food via the cashiers, there was no upselling. On the flip side, Happy Singh kiosk was programmed with upselling capabilities. “It’s an automatic storyteller,” explained Shraey, inciting customers to add on to their orders or even select higher-margin items.
Happy Singh

The Results

Happy Singh decided to add more self-ordering kiosks. They installed four more kiosks—and orders jumped to 75 000! Furthermore, by removing the cashiers, one employee is now reassigned to greeting and assisting every guest as they walk in, resulting in an enhanced customer experience.

Regardless of the generation or age, Happy Singh’s clientele continues to use the kiosks as they offer a fully visual menu (with no order mistakes!) and an easy-peasy process to order food.

Shraey and his management team were also impressed with the 24/7 support and the fact UEAT assigned a dedicated account manager to streamline the kiosk implementation and optimize menus for effortless upselling.

“For us, Self-ordering kiosks powered by UEAT was the key to our current success,” Shraey added enthusiastically!
Happy Singh


Founded 18 years ago in midtown Toronto, Tabule Middle Eastern Cuisine has grown to represent a popular staple of authentic Lebanese food across the city, with four unique locations, each mirroring the distinct vibe of its neighbourhood. Tabule prides itself on offering a diverse menu that caters to the tastes of everyone who walks through their doors. In order to adapt to the dynamic demands of the digital age, especially amplified by the pandemic, Tabule wanted to implement a high-performance self-ordering and payment solution for its four restaurants.

The Challenge

Despite having an online ordering system in place, the restaurant faced difficulties in efficiently managing the system. The owners realized their existing solutions were not robust enough to seamlessly integrate with their Point of Sale (POS) systems, loyalty programs, and third-party apps. In addition, the in-person ordering process was growing cumbersome, with customers needing to wait in long lines to place their orders. The challenge was to find a solution that would overcome these problems—all while improving front-of-house operations and overall customer experience.

The Results

Tabule opted for UEAT’s digital self-ordering solutions, primarily due to their seamless integration with the restaurant’s POS system. This enabled orders to flow directly to the kitchen without any hassles or human errors. Not only did UEAT’s solutions work well with the existing loyalty program and Moneris payment system but they also seamlessly worked with third-party delivery apps. One significant introduction was the tableside self-ordering and payment solution. This allowed customers to grab any table, scan the QR code, place their orders and pay for them instantly. This significantly reduced waiting times, especially during peak hours when counter lines used to be long.

“We can handle more customers with less staff thanks to tableside self-ordering,” said Diana. “I think it’s a win-win for everybody.”

Customers could order directly from Tabule’s website or through the dedicated Tabule app for takeout and delivery. This bypassed the need for third-party apps, which often come with high commissions.

Apart from avoiding hefty fees, Diana also believes ordering directly from a restaurant increases trust between the business and its customers. “I think there is more confidence when customers order directly from you,” she said.

UEAT’s non-intrusive upselling capabilities proved to be a game-changer. Tabule reported a 20% increase in their ticket size since transitioning from their previous online system, a considerable boost to their revenues and margins. One significant introduction was the tableside self-ordering and payment solution. This allowed customers to grab any table, scan the QR code, place their orders and pay for them instantly. This significantly reduced waiting times, especially during peak hours when counter lines used to be long.

“Customers love the upselling features because sometimes they don't know what they want and the fact that they’re accessible on an online platform makes it great and easy. They don't have to hunt for things,” Diana added.

The entire Tabule team is thrilled to have switched. “We've been with UEAT for over three years and I'm proud to say that we are over three million in sales with UEAT.”

Phil & Fred

Phil & Fred Pizzeria is a unique restaurant that brings together traditional and funky pizzas all under one roof. The concept is the result of three friends driven by a love for the restaurant industry.

While still in school, they had student jobs in restaurants and developed a passion for the business. When they graduated, they initially started working in their respective fields. However, it wasn’t long before they decided to put aside their careers and launch their very own restaurant!

They wanted to redefine the pizzeria concept with a fresh twist on old classics (think: all-dressed, Margherita, and pepperoni) as new pizza combos never before seen (short-rib, Mexican, smoked-meat, and fried-chicken pizza, to name a few). Their vision was also to add a touch of elegance to their pizzeria.

Today, Phil & Fred’s pizzas are served piping hot in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec. They are also available frozen in over 65 retail outlets across the province.

The Challenge

“Phil & Fred Pizzeria is all about the customer experience,” explained Simon Verville, Co-Founder of the restaurant. “We wanted to give our customers a new way of ordering pizzas. They don’t want to wait anymore, especially when it comes to take-out, curbside pick-up or through delivery services.”

The team decided to look for a restaurant ordering platform that could handle all their online sales channels in a way that would not overburden staff. In addition, they wanted a partner that could support them from the initial setup and all the way through the go-live and subsequent menu optimization. “We chose UEAT because they ticked off all the boxes with respect to our requirements,” Simon said.

The Results

The results were almost instantaneous. Customers loved using the online ordering platform to order their pizzas in just 3 easy steps. And despite up ramp-up in sales, UEAT HUB enabled Phil & Fred Pizzeria to streamline how they received online orders. “Now, it doesn’t matter where the online orders are coming from. Whether it’s from delivery services or even Google, all the orders are sent to the same printer. UEAT HUB really takes the headache out of receiving and tracking orders,” Simon continued.

Phil & Fred Pizzeria’s team were also impressed by the support they got from UEAT experts. “Whenever we had questions or looked for recommendations, we were always able to talk to a real human being. They were always there for us.”

The most amazing result of all? Phil & Fred Pizzeria was able to generate, in less than 3 years, $1 million dollars in sales thanks to UEAT. Thanks to an increase in direct online orders, their margins also improved. Now that’s something to celebrate…with pizza!

Chez Ashton

Chez Ashton got its start in 1969 when Ashton Leblond, at the young age of 21, realized his dream: he bought a French fry food truck for $5000. He branded it Ashton Snack Bar and served a typical menu of the time: fresh fries, hamburgers, hotdogs and meatloaf. He introduced poutine in 1972. Over the years, Chez Ashton experienced exponential growth; the company began opening restaurants throughout the Greater Québec City region. In 2022, Chez Ashton had 23 restaurants. The chain was acquired by a young couple of local entrepreneurs to carry on its mission of serving high-quality, distinctive and always-fresh food!

The Challenge

Before the pandemic, Chez Ashton was very popular for its counter, drive-thru and take-out orders—especially the restaurant’s legendary poutines and beef sandwiches that are made with local ingredients and fresh each day.

When the pandemic hit, Chez Ashton demand skyrocketed for drive-thru and take-out. In order to meet customer demand and ease pressure on front-of-the-house staff, Chez Ashton started looking for a technology partner to help the company offer online ordering off of its website and through a branded mobile app. The Chez Ashton team talked to local restaurateurs from other chains to determine which platform was the easiest and fastest to implement and which platform had all the important features: effortless upselling and cross-selling and an intuitive interface to ensure a stellar customer experience.

The Results

Chez Ashton was recommended to use UEAT by several of its peers in Québec. “UEAT seemed simple, affordable and entirely customizable,” explained Mylène Beaulieu, Head of Communications and Marketing at Chez Ashton. “We knew it worked well and were immediately convinced as so many other restaurants were using it.” Chez Ashton decided to embark on its technology transformation with UEAT.

The integration of online ordering on Chez Ashton’s website and the development of its mobile app was carried out within a very short timeframe. Chez Ashton’s marketing team put together a limited-time launch promotion to not only show the benefits of the two solutions but also collect customer feedback.

The results were almost immediate. The promotion generated a lot of orders and drew in many customers. Throughout the lockdown period and beyond customers kept coming back for more of the restaurant’s delicious food. Although restaurant dining rooms have reopened, Chez Ashton’s online ordering remains highly popular—and the customer feedback has been amazing on social media.

“Customers love it. It’s a time saver: they no longer have to queue to order. Ordering on our website or mobile app is very user-friendly and convenient,” Mylène added. Mylène also pointed out that take-out orders have substantially increased. Proof that even in a post-pandemic world, online ordering is still very popular indeed!


The Benny family opened their very first restaurant in 1960.

A true family business, 3 generations of Benny currently work in the various divisions of the chain.

Benny & Co. is experiencing exponential growth: the Canadian chain went from 12 locations in 2010 to 61 in 2019.

The Challenge

In order to support their strong growth and modernize their brand, the group started searching for an online ordering solution.

Respect of the family brand and ease of use were at the top of their priority list.

With each restaurant operating an independent checkout system, the objective was to find a collaborator to facilitate the centralization of their digital operations while supporting a turnover of several millions of dollars.
Benny family smiling

The Results

After choosing UEAT as a collaborator for their online ordering platform, Benny & Co saw the conversion rate of its mobile application increase by 52%.

Yves Benny, Vice President of Public Relations, shares that “With UEAT’s 360 integration, billing and order processing is fully automated. We don’t have to worry about any double input.”

Customers immediately adopted the 3-step ordering process which provides a personalized experience for each visitor.

Benny & Co continues to grow and is now in a new province. With UEAT’s multi-time zone and multilingual support, the team knows that they have a close collaborator to support them in conquering the whole country!

Five Guys

What was once a small burger shack located out of strip mall in Arlington, Virginia, has become an international fast-casual juggernaut—and a never-frozen burger brand that is beloved by fans around the world. Founded in 1986, Five Guys was a family business run by Janie and Jerry Murrell as well as their four sons. Jerry and his sons were coined the “original Five Guys.” The Murrels had a fifth son and to this day, all five sons still run the business. Today, Five Guys has locations across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. It is rated number 46 in FranchiseTime’s top 400 franchises for 2021.

The Challenge

Always looking to enhance their customers’ experience, Five Guys in Canada was looking for a more advanced online ordering system that was specifically tailored to the needs of restaurants. Their end goal was to offer patrons a fast and easy way for their fans to order takeout and curbside pick-up—and upsell menu items in a non-intrusive way.

The online ordering solution also had to be fully integrated with its Lightspeed POS system, ensuring bi-directional communications, as well as support different languages.

Five Guys was also working with Radius Networks, the developers of Flybuy, a location BOPIS platform that includes Flybuy Pickup. Flybuy Pickup enables restaurants to properly time the preparation of each order so that when customers arrive on premise, their orders are fresh and ready to be served to takeout and curbside pick-up customers. Five Guys wanted to create a seamless experience using both UEAT and Flybuy Pickup.

The Results

“UEAT has been very adaptable with our many integrations,” says Aubert Prevost, President of Koeppel Industries, which operates Five Guys in many locations across Canada. “We continue to work with UEAT to find ways to improve our customer service and help us grow a fantastic business.”

Aubert is equally as pleased with UEAT’s integration with Flybuy Pickup. “We know exactly where the customer is located and when they are on the way to the store,” he explains. “[The solution] helps get the order ready on time and ready for the customer when they show up to the door.” As Aubert enthuses, just like burgers and fries, UEAT and Five Guys make a great combination! One significant introduction was the tableside self-ordering and payment solution. This allowed customers to grab any table, scan the QR code, place their orders and pay for them instantly. This significantly reduced waiting times, especially during peak hours when counter lines used to be long.