Why Should You Avoid Homemade Solutions For Your Online Ordering?

Why Should You Avoid Homemade Solutions For Your Online Ordering?

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In the past month, more than 60% of fast food consumers have used an online order service. Given this figure, it is clear that the restaurant industry is taking a definitive technological turn and it is essential for restaurant owners to offer an online order service to their customers. At this level, the consensus is very clear. Where there are still uncertainties, it is on the way to use to set up these tools.

Opinions are mixed. While some large restaurant chains have opted to work with third parties externally, others believe that creating a home-made solution would be simpler and more profitable. Two very different visions, which often have very different results!

Operational and Financial Risks

At a networking party, I was chatting with a lady who owns a restaurant and invested in her own solution, believing it would save her money in the long run.

After an initial investment of $15,000 and several months of work to develop a basic ordering structure, she had to pay an additional $12,000 to add two features that had not been included in the first submission. Less than a year after launching her online ordering, she learned that she would have to invest the equivalent of $5,000 if she wanted to improve the look of her online menu. Given the significant success of the ordering tool with her customers, the restaurant owner asked that her solution be integrated into the POS system. To do this, the bill was over $40,000.

Faced with the multiplication of costs and bills, she decided to abandon the project: it was nothing less than a financial pitfall.

The development of a new online ordering tool, may it includes only a few custom features, is a complex, expensive and time-consuming project.

It is impossible to develop an advanced and fully functional solution in a few months and at a low cost; a quality product requires time and money. And this is without mentioning the costs associated with weekly maintenance.

Also, technological innovation is so fast in the restaurant industry that a “home-made”, static ordering solution is quickly overtaken by the competition and becomes obsolete in no more than 18 months.

The Lack of Expertise in the Field

The technological needs associated with the restaurant industry are distinct and very precise. Most development firms do not have the necessary expertise in this area to create an intuitive, efficient technological ordering solution that truly meets the needs of restaurants’ owners.

A typical development company will, for the most part, rely on existing online market platforms. Although they have many features, they are not suitable for the restaurant industry.

As a result, this kind of development often ends in a mess. The solution can not be improved without resorting to significant expenditures.

Work With Industry Professionals 

UEAT designs and markets technological ordering solutions exclusively for the fast food and fast-casual industry. Our solutions are not made to sell shoes, clothes or jewelry; only products of the restaurant industry.

Developed by a team with a deep understanding of the challenges faced in the foodservice industry, we decided to dedicate our time and resources to create a technology perfectly adapted to the needs of fast food and fast-casual restaurants..

Our goal is to simplify the lives of restaurants’ owners, increase their profit margins and ensure an exceptional customer experience.

To do this, we offer ordering tools integrated  with many POS, payment processors, loyalty programs and gift cards, menu screen, etc. We also offer distinct and thoughtful features for each type of menu; pizzeria, burger, rotisserie, sushi, salad bar, pasta, sandwiches, creperie, etc. Try it for yourself!

Our solutions are 100% customizable, allowing all kind of restaurants to showcase their menu and their brand. Maximized by smart suggestions and promotions from our Artificial Intelligence module embedded in our ordering platform, our current customers’ average bills increased by 15-40% in 12 months.

Make an appointment with one of our experts today and live the UEAT experience!

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