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We often hear about that generation called the millennials and it’s progressive arrival on the market. Soon, they will represent a big portion of the restaurant industry’s customers. But who are they ? What are their habits as customers ? How to adapt your restaurant to serve them better ?

Here is a portrait of that generation and how to adapt your restaurant to reach them.

Who Are the Millennials?

The millennials are more than 75 millions people in North America, making them the biggest demographic group today. It was estimated that this group spends more than 800 billions dollars in food every year, which is 7% higher than the average North American.

What Are Their Habits As Customers?

The millennials are also known as the digital generation. That is true in every aspect of their life. That reflects even more in their spending habits. In fact, they are as high as twice more likely than any others generations to order online.

In the restaurant industry, it’s even more prominent. 62% of them ordered from a restaurant online during the last month.

Also, 54% of millennials order exclusively using self-serve ordering kiosks when offered and 60% of them say they would go more often in some restaurants if these had self-serve ordering kiosks.

How to Adapt Your Restaurant to Serve Them Better?

Considering their number and their tendency to spend more money on food than previous generations, restaurateurs can’t ignore the millennials. No matter if we like it or not, this generation has its very own way of ordering, which is why restaurants must adapt.

Thankfully, there are simple ways to fulfill the millennials’ needs. One of them is to set up an online ordering solution adapted to your restaurant. There are many options available for you in that domain that we analyzed here.  

Another winning solution would be to install self-serve ordering kiosks. These offer plenty of benefits and is the preferred way of ordering for millennials.

See UEAT in action in a quick personalized demo and witness how we can help you create the best version of your restaurant.

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