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In our modern world, technology takes an important part of our everyday life. We can feel its constant presence on both the personal field and professional field. It is also the case in the restaurant industry and that brings up many questions.

How will restaurant owners adapt to this reality ? How can they improve their services, make their operations easier and increase their profit with a good ROI (return on investment)  using technology ?

Technology and the Consideration Process

This might seem obvious, but a restaurant must be present on Internet and on social medias. Nowadays, more than 82% of Canadians use Internet before choosing a restaurant in order to take a look at the menu, read reviews, take a look at the ambiance with photos, search for special offers or simply to get an itinerary.  

That proportion increases when you look exclusively at bigger cities such as Montreal and Toronto, where 87% of the population will use Internet before going to a restaurant. On the other side of the border, 86% of Americans will use these methods while it increases even more in big cities like New York and Chicago where it reaches 90%,

The best way to ensure you don’t lose clients goes without saying : make sure you are present on Internet. Mostly on Google, with Google MyBusiness, so people may find your restaurant easily.

Technology and the Ordering Process

An essential thing to have in your restaurant is an online ordering application. It is today’s reality. Reaching customers that are not even inside your establishment to increase your sales is a dream come true for restaurateurs. Even better, a big part of your operations are absorb by that service. You just need to do what you do best : the food.

More than 40% of people under 30 order their food via an online ordering application. The current generations prefers to use technology in the comfort of their houses to fulfill their needs. That trend is bound to get even more prominent in the upcoming years.

In order to offer that service and even more, innovative ordering solutions exist, such as UEAT. UEAT offers the best online ordering solution for restaurateurs on the market, giving you access to a lot of interesting tools to manage your promotions, do up selling, optimize your operations and even more.

Another ordering solution that is getting more popular is the self-serve ordering kiosk. For no more than 10$ a day, it will take between 30 to 60 orders per hour, making sure you don’t lose any customers during rush hours. It will also increase the average bill with its up selling options. It’s also a good way to counter the effect of the shortage in manpower.

Technology and Making a Reservation

Technology does not only helps with process concerning your customers. It also brings solutions to help with planning and optimizing human resources.

You can now increase your efficiency and reduce costs by using systems like Work Axle, which you can use to organize your plannings, your schedules and to compile the worked hours of your employees.

Technology and Payment

Payment using mobile phones is in democratisation. People are getting used to do everything with their smartphones, including paying their bills. This is a win / win situation for both the customers and the restaurateurs, as everyone saves time.

In average, restaurants accepting payment by mobile lowers by 15 minutes the duration of a meal, sees the bills increase by 5% in average and witness a notable increase of 25% for the amounts left as tips.

Technology as an Ally

If there is one thing to understand here, it’s that technology is a precious ally. It can help you in every aspects of your business as a restaurateur.

But where to begin ?

Increasing your online presence and getting an online ordering solution should be your top priorities to stay competitive. From there, the rest will come in time. Solutions are there for you to reach.

See UEAT in action in a quick personalized demo and witness how we can help you create the best version of your restaurant.

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