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Halloween is at our doors. This highly popular holiday for childrens and the public in general might seem trivial in comparison to Christmas or Thanksgiving, but every opportunity is good to delight your customers and improve your restaurant’s performances.

Here are 5 ideas you could use to make the most out of the Halloween’s frenzy.

Offer a Discount on Take-out and Delivery

Halloween is always a busy night for kids and parents alike. The later need to dress-up their kids so they can go around the streets asking trick or treat. Most of them won’t have the time to cook and will want to order food or pick something up on the way home. That would be a great time to offer a special discount on delivery and take-out.

If you have online ordering, nothing is as easy as creating promotional codes and discounts.

Create a Thematic Meal or Drink

Halloween is synonym of candies and sugar treats. Create interest in your restaurant by offering a homemade drink or dessert for October ! That kind of promotion is very popular with customers as the feeling of exclusiveness and ephemerality creates the impression of being pampered if you had the opportunity to get a taste of that limited edition sweetness. People will hurry to make sure they don’t miss it.

Put On Halloween Ornaments

Put your restaurant in the vibe ! Take some time to put on some Halloween ornaments to give a festive look to your restaurant. On that matter, putting on thematic ornaments during holidays increases joy for your customers who will be more inclined to impulsive purchases. Happy people spend more!

Run a Contest

Who doesn’t like a contest ? People like to have the chance to win something. It’s human nature. You could do a costume contest, a drawing contest for kids or simply do a draw to win a big bag of candies. The focus here is to get people to participate so they want to eat at your place instead of somewhere else. You could give a chance to win for every purchase of a meal. The more they spend, the better their chances are !

Do a Special Event on Halloween Night!

Children will be in the streets, but young adults will be looking for a place where they can celebrate ! Here would be a good opportunity to organize and advertise a special event for Halloween’s night. Make it the event people don’t want to miss this month!

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