RC Show 2019 : The Highlights!

RC Show 2019 : The Highlights!

2019-03-04T15:56:28-04:00March 4th, 2019|Blogue|

Once again this year, UEAT participated at the Restaurant Canada Show in Toronto, better known as the RC Show. During our visit to the Enercare Center, we witnessed a multitude of activities, competitions and innovations.



Technology Everywhere!

This year, if there is one thing that the RC Show has highlighted, it is that the future of the restaurant industry lies in technology. We had the chance to see robot waiters, restaurant management software and self-service kiosks everywhere during the exhibition.

One company stood out by the quality of its kiosk during the event. Indeed, our partner Lightspeed won the prize of the best booth of the exhibition. We are really proud to have contributed to their success by providing them with a self-service kiosk powered by our ordering software. You can get the very same kiosk right here! Just contact us and we will be happy to provide you with everything you need!




Chefs In Action

Another highlight of the convention was to see all the artists who are outdoing themselves daily to offer us tasty dishes in our favorite restaurants. There were also samples of food to be tasted all over the Enercare Center.

However, what was really impressive was seeing these masters come face to face during the famous Garland Canada competition. It took place throughout the three days of the convention. We would like to congratulate all the participants (listed below) for their wonderful performances!


  • Dustin Gallagher
  • Andy Hay
  • Matthew Ravenscoft
  • Matthew Sullivan
  • Nick Chindamo
  • Jane Tran
  • Kevin Castonguay
  • Georgia Zimbel
  • Alma Becerril
  • Tom Wade
  • Mirriam Echeverria
  • Bill Deslippe



Experts of All Fields

The RC Show is more than just a convention, it’s also an opportunity for industry experts to meet and discuss the ideas and innovations that shape the restaurant industry. As an expert on the impact of new technologies within the restaurant industry, René-Pier Plourde from UEAT lent himself for a live interview. To watch it; click here.


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