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The UEAT team keeps growing but our mission remains the same: to simplify the life of restaurateurs with innovative tools.

Here’s why UEAT is the best partner for your restaurant.

1. Your very own, white-labeled, online ordering solution

Our high-end ordering platform is fully customizable to your restaurant and menu.

We offer the technology, you benefit. Our tools allow you to optimize your operations, increase your profitability and create a personalized guest experience.

Offer the same complete experience on mobile, tablet, computer or native app without spending thousands of dollars on development costs.

2. Frictionless 3 Steps Ordering Process

Achieve a higher conversion rate with UEAT’s industry leading 3 step ordering – the fastest and easiest process on the market.

The UEAT ordering process boils down to :

  1. Select your location
  2. Pick your food
  3. Pay

That’s it.

  • Mandatory account creation? Negative.
  • Forced to type a zip/postal code to order? Absolutely not.

We made ordering a frictionless process because we understand that the last thing a hungry customer wants to do is go through an endless loop just to order.

3. Increase the average bill

Our system systematically offers upsell. This means that in addition to offering the combo to your customers, smart suggestions will be displayed depending on the current items in the cart. Plus, with effective images, customers are keen to order more. We have the statistics to prove it: restaurants using UEAT as their online ordering platform see an increase of up to 40% in their average bill.

UEAT was also handpicked to be that part of MILA in order to develop Artificial Intelligence solutions for its products. Our research allows, among other things, the creation of a personalized customer experience for each client.

It’s not easy to only pick three benefits – obviously, there are many more benefits to our online ordering solution. Ready to learn more? Let’s schedule a quick 10-minute call! 

See UEAT in action in a quick personalized demo and witness how we can help you create the best version of your restaurant.

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