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When a restaurant integrates online ordering or self-serve ordering kiosks, there are some thing to consider that sometimes we don’t thing about right away.

To make sure these processes are optimized, you will have to adapt some parts of your restaurant and re-evaluate some sequences of your workflows.

Lining Your Orders

Now that you offer online ordering, you will need to think about how these orders will be treated. When an order will enter through online ordering, will it be treated in between two customers present in your restaurant ? Will you put it on hold until the customers comes in ? What if his order is not ready when he arrives ?

For these reasons, we think the best course of action would be to install a production line exclusively for orders arriving through online ordering or self-serve ordering kiosk. That way, the workflows for the customers in-house will not get interrupted and customers ordering online will have their orders treated adequately. Considering the ever-increasing volume of orders coming from online ordering, you will be glad you got a separated production line for these.

Of course, this only applies if you have a really high volume of online ordering, take-out and deliveries like St-Hubert or McDonald’s. No need for a second line of production otherwise as it will not affect your speed of operation that much.

Having a Pick-up Counter

Another really important thing to consider is to set up a pick-up counter for customers who ordered using online ordering or the self-serve ordering kiosk. It would be a shame if people who already paid and are only coming to get their food found themselves forced to get in a line mixed up with people who are there to order. This situation would be frustrating for them, but would also slow down your operations for the customers who are there to order and are hungry. This must be avoided at all cost.

That is why it is so important to be ready and have a well-indicated pick-up counter for your online customer to pick-up their food rapidly without slowing down the other customers in the restaurant.

Reorganizing Your Restaurant

This point is mostly regarding the self-serve ordering kiosk. You will need to think about a location for these in your restaurant. Some places not too far from the cashiers so your customers can spot them easily and use them properly, but far enough so it does not get in the way of the already flooded cashier area during rush hours.

One of the many goals of getting self-serve ordering kiosks and an online ordering solution, beside increasing your profit, is to accelerate your workflows.

Consecutively, you must plan ahead your logistic to make sure you do not create the opposite effect at the time of the pick-up or even during the ordering process with a wrongly positioned kiosk. After all, online ordering and self-serve ordering kiosk are powerful tools that, when used properly, will boost your restaurant performances.

See UEAT in action in a quick personalized demo and witness how we can help you create the best version of your restaurant.

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