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This year as seen the shortage of manpower intensify in all industries. This ever-growing challenge as become a nightmare for employers around the world. The labor force has never been lower in decades. It is the worst year since the government started compiling this data back in 1976.

The consequences of that problem are even more present in customer’s services operations, mostly in the restaurant industry, accommodation industry, in groceries stores and in stores in general. Concerning the restaurant industry, some restaurateurs got themselves cornered into closing their branches during parts of the day or even entire day due to lack of manpower.

That was the case for the French bistro Chez Jules, located in the middle of the touristic area of Quebec City. It had to close its doors for 24 hours, having to give up on numerous potential customers. That problem doesn’t only affect restaurants with table service, but also giant fast food chains like McDonald’s that also had to several of its locations during 12 to 24 hours for the exact same reasons.

However, solutions exist for any restaurant owners audacious enough. A part of the solution resides within technology.

Online Ordering Software

Just like in the retail business, the future of the restaurant industry lies within technology,

An increasing number of people prefers to order their food online and that trend is in constant evolution. It’s undeniable that a restaurant will need to offer online ordering solutions in the years to come.

In addition to being the next obvious step, integrating online ordering solutions will help restaurateurs to optimize their operations. While letting their software act as their cashier, they will be able to focus on where human labor is needed, like preparing the meals.

Self-serve Ordering Kiosk

Further down the modernisation of operations lies the self-serving ordering kiosk. It acts as your robot employees that never fails to take orders, offer extras, make the customers pay and accelerate the process of serving during rush hours as well as all day long.

On that subject, Brut Butcher, a fast-food located in France, now uses self-ordering kiosks only to take orders. These kiosks can take from 30 to 60 orders within an hour for only 10$ a day. Even better, the average bill is way higher than it was with normal cashier, due to the easy-to-use layout and the suggestions before proceeding to payment. Employees can focus on preparing the food and bringing the plate to the right table.

Humans will always be an important part of the experience of eating at a restaurant, but self-ordering kiosk and online ordering software can ease the operations and help fighting the lack in manpower problem.

Good Timing

It is a fact, the restaurant industry is taking the curb toward technology and people working in that business have to follow sooner or later. Considering the current situation and all the challenges it brings, now might be a good time.

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