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There is no doubt anymore about the importance of having a responsive mobile site (a site which adapts its navigation and display to the interface of the device it is loaded on). In parallel, the merits of having a mobile application are often praised by consumers. The question arises, in the restaurant industry, is it better to have online ordering directly on your site or should it go through a mobile application?

The Benefits of a Mobile App

It Increases Brand Awareness

Did you know that the launch of a mobile application makes people talk twice as much as the release of a new website? That’s what Tymate tells us, a recognized French digital agency. Generally, having a mobile app is a great marketing move for a brand, as long as the app is unique to the brand and not a third-party multi-branded app (like a marketplace).

Foster Customer Loyalty and Improves Accessibility

Yes, having a button on the home page of their phone speeds up the accessibility to your online ordering platform and encourages your customers to order more often. After all, they see your restaurant logo every time they take a look at their mobile (that is, very often in the case of millennials and subsequent generations). From the outset, if your consumers take the time to download your application, they already demonstrate a certain level of loyalty.

It Uses Your Smartphone’s Features

The good thing with a mobile application is that it is able to send push notifications directly to the user’s phone. Thus, if you have a promotion or if your customers have not ordered for a while, it is possible to notify them immediately and directly on their phones!

The Benefits of Online Ordering Directly On Your Website

Fast and Effective

Offering online ordering directly on your website remains the fastest and most efficient way to order at your restaurant. It avoids downloads that slow down the ordering process and saturates the memory of your consumers’ devices. Thus, the customer can scroll your menu and order in a few clicks. In the case of our online ordering solution, the customer does not even need to create an account (although he can create one in a few seconds to save his preferences, order history, payment information and more).

Less Expensive

An online ordering platform integrated into your website remains the least expensive way to offer a remote ordering service while preserving the integrity of your brand. It will also bring you much more profit than if your customers would order via a marketplace or over the phone!

Increases your SEO on Google

The fact that your online ordering platform is on your site benefits your SEO (which is the ranking that Google assigns to your site based on its relevance to what users are looking for). Indeed, the process greatly increases the traffic on your website and the relevance associated with your website. Thus, your brand gains in notoriety and profitability. Google’s algorithm will combine the high volume of visits to your website with keywords such as ‘’ordering’’ and ‘’pizza’’ (if you own a pizzeria, for example). So, when a person, who does not necessarily know your restaurant, will search for ”order a pizza” or ”pizza to go” in the search engine, your restaurant will appear in front of your competitors who do not have an order online or are using an aggregator.

So What Solution Should You Choose?

Ultimately, having both is the most profitable choice. Since the advantages of one overcomes the disadvantages of the other and the two solutions do not address directly the same user profile: offering online ordering on your website as well as on a mobile application will satisfy both your current and future customers!

Thanks to UEAT, it is now possible to obtain these two solutions simultaneously, customized for your brand, without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars in development costs. This will improve your customer experience and loyalty while increasing your profits!

See UEAT in action in a quick personalized demo and witness how we can help you create the best version of your restaurant.

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