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“Okay Google, find the nearest pizzeria.” You have probably already made this kind of request to your Google Home, your Alexa or your Siri. Instantly, your little device, powered by artificial intelligence, will give you an exact and adapted answer.

Intelligent machines and systems are no longer just fiction. Artificial intelligence is entering all areas and industries, including catering.

What Is Artificial Intelligence (A.I)?

Data Scientist, Machine Learning, association rules … These words are so often used and distorted that we lose their true meaning. Artificial intelligence is a very complex concept to understand in its entirety. For this reason, our experts have studied it in detail during training and courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T). So I will spare you the theory and get to the point as quickly as possible.

Simplified, artificial intelligence could be defined as a learning system, meaning a system with the ability to learn as a human, and perform tasks that would normally require human intervention. Speech recognition, decision making, behavioral analysis, and model detection are just some examples of what artificial intelligence can do.

Still following me ? So let’s move on to the buzzwords!

Data Scientist is a person employed in the analysis and interpretation of digital data to help a company make decisions related to artificial intelligence projects.

Machine Learning is a field of study of artificial intelligence that relies on statistical approaches to give computers the ability to learn from data and to improve their performance in solving problems and complete tasks without being explicitly programmed for each.

The purpose of the association rules method is to uncover relationships of interest to the statistician between two or more variables stored in very large databases.

How Do UEAT Solutions Use A.I To Help Restaurant Owners?

UEAT develops innovative ordering solutions – powered by artificial intelligence. In the long term, our A.I. will be able to analyze the habits of your consumers in order to offer  personalized choices of dishes and extras to the person who orders. Using variables like weather, season, tastes and more, the UEAT software will identify the suggestion that is most likely to trigger the interest the customer. Thus, you will be sure to increase the average bill every time. Our A.I will also be able to recognize patterns in your restaurant traffic and in the behaviors of your consumers to create ideal and personalized promotions. Incidentally, this will ensure you more frequent and successful sales.

Of course, this will have the direct consequence of cultivating the loyalty of your consumers. To have the right dish at any given time and the right promotion at the right time is a degree of personalization that will create an unprecedented customer experience. They will not find such level of comprehension of their needs elsewhere.

And this is only the beginning. The purpose of our A.I is actually very simple; create value for restaurateurs by facilitating processes and increasing profits.


We are currently one of the few companies to develop intelligent ordering solutions. Our employees are experts in this field and the cradle of global artificial intelligence has even recognized the quality of our project by giving us a place at the MILA (the Quebec institute of artificial intelligence). Moreover, we are fortunate to be a resident at MILA, thanks to the CDPQ (Caisse de Dépôt et Placement du Québec). Thus, we have privileged access to top experts in the field at all times. For all these reasons, we have a considerable head start on the competition and are able to offer a new and always evolving product to our customers; you, the restaurateurs.

Are you ready to move to the era of A.I? You too want to be part of the visionaries and stand out from the crowd with your brand? Make an appointment with one of our experts today!

See UEAT in action in a quick personalized demo and witness how we can help you create the best version of your restaurant.

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