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It’s lunchtime and your restaurant is as busy as ever. Your staff keeps up with the pace, in spite of the never-ending queue.

Suddenly, new clients come in, but discouraged by the massive number of people waiting, turn around and leave. You sigh, frustrated by those lost sales; if only you could have kept them a little longer…

The truth is, nothing would have been easier. All you’re missing is a self-serve ordering kiosk inside your restaurant. Not convinced ? Here are the 7 reasons you should adopt this revolutionary technology.

Significantly Decrease the Time Waiting in Lines

Nobody likes to wait. 45% of customers will even leave a restaurant if the line is too long. A kiosk for your restaurant is the best way to overcome this problem.

Obviously, an ordering kiosk is no replacement to human interaction: a person who gets to choose between a kiosk and a cashier without a line will always pick the cashier. However, at the second there’s a line, 80% of customers will go for the kiosk, which greatly helps speeding up the whole ordering process.

Increase the Average Bill of Each Order

An average of 21% increase is observed when orders are taken through a kiosk. There’s a good reason for that : who can resist an extra cheese or a piping hot, straight out of the oven muffin? In addition to being quick and easy to use, kiosks present extras and treats in a tempting way, which allows users to add ingredients which they otherwise wouldn’t have thought of.

More Orders Will Be Processed Daily

By reducing the steps needed to order to just a few clicks, the time spent on each order decreases considerably, which leads to a proportional growth of the number of orders taken each day. The days when customers would have to leave because of the long waits are over: it’s now possible to serve everyone, no matter how busy your restaurant is!

Foster Loyalty

By reducing the size of waiting lines, restaurant kiosks have a direct effect on the customers’ satisfaction and thus, their loyalty.

This is the conclusion American restaurant Square Roots Kitchen’s owner came to, with his kiosk-only ordering system. For him, this technology is a winning combination of convenience, speed and customization. It’s no wonder 90% of his income comes from recurring visitors!

Optimize your Employees’ Time

It would be wrong to believe that the existence of this technology is a threat to jobs in the restaurants’ industry. Quite the contrary! By reducing the number of needed cashiers, it’s now possible to optimize the presence of these employees to speed up the service time. A welcomed fact considering the shortage of manpower in North America.

An increase of 1 to 3% of market shares is even noticeable for restaurants that were able to reduce their service time by as less as 7 seconds!

It’s Cheap and Reliable

A restaurant kiosk is a really good investment. In addition to being much cheaper on a daily basis than an employee’s salary, it’s guaranteed to never call in sick!

A Great Complementary to your Online Ordering Platform

With their similar perks, these two technologies combined are the winning recipe for your restaurant’s success. Adopt both the online ordering platform and the ordering kiosk, and see your restaurant reach skyrocketing new heights in no time!

See UEAT in action in a quick personalized demo and witness how we can help you create the best version of your restaurant.

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