Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer Responsibilities Develop, test and maintain various software systems for the restaurant industry; Ensure completion and monitoring of objectives and deliverables with the team; Serve as a facilitator and technical resource person for the team; Carry out quality compliance checks; Participate in team planning (sprints); Add functionality to our API; Map changes to

Technical Support Agent

Technical Support Agent Responsibilities Provide front-line support to our customers; Handle Level 1 support tickets; Prioritize support and improvement requests; Develop product knowledge; Collaborate with the development and quality assurance departments; Help draft documentation (procedures, user manuals and update notes). Qualifications (prerequisites) 1 to 3 years of experience in similar positions; Excellent written and verbal

Sales Representative

Sales Representative Responsibilities Respond to prospects within 1 hour during normal business hours, and within 2 hours at all other times; Respond to customers in real time via real-time sales tools (chat, inbound calls, etc.); Ensure constant, innovative and intelligent lead nurturing with the UEAT lead database in order to convert as much as possible

Sales Team Leader

Sales Team Leader Responsibilities Participate in the establishment and coaching of the sales team at UEAT Serve as a resource person for the sales team; Set up, train, supervise and support the sales team in terms of methods and management of tools; Establish a culture of quality, responsiveness and proactivity within the team; Implement innovative

Sales Executive

Sales Executive Responsibilities Sell ​​UEAT solutions to restaurant chain leads from SDRs or marketing; Perform demonstrations and act as a consultant, coach and challenger with influencers in restaurant chains; Ensure constant, innovative and intelligent lead nurturing with your prospect/lead database and the various influencers in restaurant chains in order to convert as much as possible

Content Marketing Manager

Content Marketing Manager Responsibilities Develop content strategy aligned with the marketing objectives; Coordinate content production; List and prioritize the communications needs of the various departments; Ensure that content respects the strategy (content, design, brand image, etc.); Manage and optimize the content production processes. Qualifications (prerequisites) Completed studies in marketing, administration or other relevant field; Minimum

Implementation Manager

Implementation Manager Responsibilities Establish the project schedule with the client ;  Build and integrate the online menu; Manage work activities with various external stakeholders; Test and have the web menu approved by the client; Provide user training;  Ensure the handover from the client to the support team; Participate in drafting documentation (procedures, user manuals and update

Integrations Manager

Integrations Manager Responsibilities Collect the necessary information for each type of integration;  Integrate the UEAT software with partner solutions; Set up or improve integration processes; Manage exchanges with various external stakeholders; Provide training and knowledge transfer related to integrations; Bring innovative ideas in terms of integration practices. Qualifications (prerequisites) 1 to 3 years of relevant

IT Manager

IT Manager Responsibilities 1. Oversee IT support (70%) Prepare new PCs or MACs and install applications on employee computers as needed; Install workstations including peripherals as well migrating printers to a new server; Solve employee issues remotely or on site; Ensure migration between different technologies; Follow the set processes to complete requests within pre-established deadlines;

Sales Development Representative

Sales Development Representative Responsibilities Build and maintain contact lists with restaurant chains in Canada and the USA and contact them by phone, email or other means of communication; Educate customers about UEAT and the reasons to have online ordering tools; Identify and qualify the people responsible for purchasing online ordering solutions in restaurant chains; Present

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