How to Drive Traffic to Your Restaurant This January

How to Drive Traffic to Your Restaurant This January

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In general, after the holiday frenzy, we see a decrease in the amount of traffic and sales in restaurants. In January, customers are usually in economy mode and, as we all do, are determined to eat healthier and exercise more.

However, January does not have to be less profitable for that. Here are some tips to help you get some  momentum back into one of the quietest months of the year.


Take Advantage of Resolutions

The most common resolution at the beginning of the year is to be in shape and eat healthier. For this reason, January is the perfect time to launch a new healthy product. Make an interesting offer while considering the objectives of your consumers and they will be more likely to come at your restaurant as the year starts.


Do Winter Promotions

May it be for the month of January, or for the entire winter, set up special promotions on thematic dishes. Indeed, the month of January is synonymous with saving money for many consumers. The holidays have been expensive and they do not want to spend anymore. By having a promotion in place, such as a selection of meals for a fixed price after 8:00 p.m throughout the month, consumers are more likely to choose your place when making an outing.


Bet On Online Ordering and Delivery

When temperatures drop to as low as -10 celsius outdoors, consumers prefer to stay in the comfort of their homes. This does not necessarily mean that they would refuse a good restaurant meal if it was delivered to their door. In these cold times, bet on your online ordering system to offer promotions on takeaway and delivery. So, right from their homes, your customers will be able to calmly order from their mobile phones, tablets or computers and eat their dish directly at home.


Hold Special Events

In this monotonous month, put a little life in your restaurant and organize concerts, karaoke, board games or quiz nights. Any reasons are good for going out with friends. All you have to do is give your customers an excuse to come to your place.


Target Birthdays

No matter what day of the year, it’s always someone’s birthday somewhere. These people are ready to celebrate, to spend and to see big for their family and friends. Do whatever you can to make these people come celebrate in your establishment rather than elsewhere! Precisely for this type of action, Facebook is your friend. The advertising tool of the latter allows you to target your audience through very specific criterias. Among these, you can target birthdays. Therefore, why not create a targeted promotion for these potential customers to celebrate their birthday in your restaurant?

Depending on the style of restaurant you are operating, by putting one or more of these ideas in place, you will make January more profitable for you and your restaurant. If you have other ideas, do not hesitate to share them with us!

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