Get your online orders right into your POS and kitchen display system.

Gone are the days of having to manage several tablets in your front-of-the-house operations. And say goodbye to the audio alerts!

UEAT HUB imports online orders from delivery platforms seamlessly including Order With Google.

Gain maximum visibility on all incoming online orders to optimize operations without the hassles.

Quickly manage and publish your menus.

UEAT HUB is a centralized menu management system that boosts your efficiency.

You can effortlessly manage all of your online menus, from the same place. Got item availability to update? Simply do it via the UEAT platform and sync it with all the other platforms you use!

Eliminate the double, triple or quadruple manual entries. Less re-keying means less errors!

Other Benefits
Reduce errors and speed up menu changes by adding, editing or duplicating menus in just one click.
Adjust different price lists for delivery platforms to improve margins.
Access comprehensive sales reports to improve inventory management and focus on high-ticket menu items.
Ensure accurate sales reconciliation with your POS system based on payment methods for fast accounting.
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