Self Ordering Kiosk for Restaurants

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What is a self ordering kiosk?

A self-ordering kiosk is a digital self-pay technology that enables restaurants and fast food chains to streamline their operations. It’s a self-service kiosk where customers can browse menu items and directly place their food orders. It allows businesses to reduce their labor costs, increase sales and improve the overall customer service experience.

Daily struggles

Long waiting time and inaccurate orders are contributing factors to a poor customer experience. Eliminating these daily struggles is not an easy task with labor shortage hitting an all-time high.

Introducing the best Self Ordering Kiosks

The digital ordering tool that enhances the customer experience, increases the average check size and improves labor productivity — it’s a true all-in-one powerhouse.

Here’s why UEAT is the for your restaurant.

Avoid losing business with UEAT’s frictionless 3 step ordering process – the fastest in the industry.
Increase your average bill with our proprietary A.I. upsell module™ that provides individualized suggestions to your guests.
A (true) worry free implementation: our success team takes care of getting you online and synchronized with your operations. It’s easy to get online with UEAT

Say goodbye to inaccurate orders: our innovative software is directly connected to your point of sale removing human errors from the equation.

Let UEAT your revenues!

Operating a quick service restaurant while finding new ways to increase your earnings is challenging, especially with rising labor costs. 

Our industry-leading 3 step-ordering process is so simple and intuitive – guests using our self-ordering kiosk order more and quicker than ever before.   

With UEAT’s self-ordering kiosks, your customers are prompted to make additional purchases because our kiosk presents them with upselling opportunities, powered by our proprietary Artificial Intelligence module.

Guest can take their time to browse the menu at their pace and easily personalize their orders without having to ask for help. Plus, now that your employees won’t be as busy taking orders, you can relocate them to tasks directly related to improving the customer experience.

Generate more revenue for your business and makes your customers (and staff) happier.

Everybody wins.

Comes in all sizes

From an iPad to a large screen display, we have the perfect kiosk for any restaurant, food court, cafeteria and stadium.

The benefits of a self-ordering kiosk for your restaurant

Increased average ticket size & revenue

The average ticket size for orders placed on kiosks is larger than those taken by employees. UEAT’s AI Upsell Module automatically gives personalized suggestions to diners based on customer insights so that when they place their orders they are prompted to buy more.

Reduced waiting times

UEAT’s self-service ordering system puts your customers in control of the order and payment process, which alleviates waiting times by keeping lines moving and sending orders to the kitchen as quickly as possible. 

Improved customer experience

Touch-screen self-service kiosks greatly improve the customer experience because users can see images of the menu items and they don’t have to wait in line to place their orders. Kiosks also provide them with more information (ingredients, etc.) and allow them to personalize their orders just the way they want. 

Improved labor productivity

Kiosks don’t replace workers. They give restaurant owners an opportunity to streamline their operations and focus on what matters, increasing revenues. Since fewer employees are needed to take orders, they can now focus on tasks that improve customer service and increase sales.

Other Features

Takeaway or Dine-In

Branded self-ordering kiosk

(Tailored to your restaurant’s name, logo and brand)

Direct integration

(POS systems, loyalty, payment gateway, delivery)

Flexibility of payment

(Debit & credit card payments, Paypass)

Advanced and Intuitive Dashboard

Express Deployment Option Available

“UEAT has exceeded our expectations. Our average basket soared by 32%.”
Yves Benny
Vice-President public relations
at Benny&Co

Ready to talk?

UEAT’s innovative kiosk solution systematically offers upsells, can take unlimited orders, requires no training and never calls in sick. 

Our industry-leading software provides a unique customer experience and increases your average bill. Not only will the restaurant kiosk pay itself, you will make more money. Don’t wait any longer.

Stay true to your brand

UEAT customizes your kiosk so that it’s tailored to your restaurant’s name, logo and brand. Your kiosk connects directly to your POS so that all your menu items and daily promotions are made available for self-service customer orders. This also means that all your transactions and sales are integrated into your dashboard. 

Our self-order kiosks work great for both small restaurants and multi-location restaurants with different menu items, and they are perfect for monitoring orders. Enjoy the best design and ordering experience!

Frequently asked questions

What POS does UEAT’s kiosk integrate with?

We work with leaders of the restaurant industry such as Veloce, Lightspeed, Maitre’D, POSitouch, micros and many more. Click here to see all our POS integrations.

How much does UEAT’s kiosk cost?

Book a demo with one of our specialists to learn more about the different pricing options available to you.

See how easy it is to go live with our dedicated success team

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