Partners in crime.

We understand that the implementation of a new tool can seem like a daunting process.

That’s why each UEAT customer is immediately partnered with a dedicated team of experts ready to synchronize their new digital tools with their daily operations.

See how easy it is to go live and immediately receive your first order

Get started

Your dedicated account manager gathers all the required info to set up your online account.

Menu and Pictures Upload

You send us your menu and pictures of what you want to offer online. Don’t have any pictures? No worries - we have a simplified yet user-friendly option.

Menu + Upsell Design

Our success team customizes the platform to your menu and brand. The ordering flow is then configured so upsell and modifiers are naturally offered.

Synchronization with
your Operations

Our experts will synchronize your menu with your POS, gift card & loyalty, payment gateway and delivery providers.

Go Live

We help you deploy your new tool directly on your website. When you’re ready, turn on the switch and you can immediately receive new orders.

Your success is ours.

At UEAT, we built our entire business model as a win-win relationship. All of our customers receive 24/7 support for life, monitored by a human. We take proactive measures to ensure you never lose a sale : our team immediately calls your restaurant if an order is not delivered to your kitchen (power failure, internet disconnected). You’re free to focus on doing what you love – we’ll take care of ensuring your customers experience is in a class of its own.

Safe and Sound

Customer data and privacy is vital. That’s why UEAT is PCI certified, the highest security standard in the industry.



Since our platform is constantly evolving, our customers take advantage of each new feature.

Want to get online even faster?

Express deployment option is available


You can add, remove, edit a description, change pictures or make an item temporarily unavailable directly in your admin portal. You can also give us a call and we’ll help you do it.

Our complete dashboard includes everything you need to know in real time such as sales, number of orders, average bill and more. 

You can also download a report as an excel where you can pick a specific period, see what items are the most popular, your sales, order details and tips.

With our complete integration with Point of Sales systems (POS), orders will print out on the same kitchen printer or Kitchen Display System (KDS) you’re currently using as well as the bill printer (if applicable).

With our express deployment option, we can install a Uboard tablet that includes a visual (pop up on screen) and sound indicator (can be muted). Each order prints out of a cloud printer in the location of your choosing.

The name of the customer, time of pickup or delivery, phone number, delivery address, client’s remarks and allergies, and a clear mention that the order comes from Online Ordering.

Very easy to do on our platform : in your order history page, click on “refund” for the specific order. Refund will be applied on the credit card used for payment within 24 hours. You can also designate which of your staff members are allowed to process refunds. Refunds are tracked, so you know who placed a refund request and when.

You can change your opening hours as you please. You can create a specific and temporary opening hour for a specific day or holiday (i.e close early during Christmas week). You can also close your restaurant for a single day or multiple days. Each configuration can be done ahead of time so you don’t have to think about it.  You can also give us a call anytime and we’ll help you set it up.

Preparation time can be set up for all orders. You can add some temporary preparation time if you’re in a rush. You can also pre-set preparation time depending on the day of the week and the time (e.g. extra ½ hour on Fridays from 5 to 7). 

Each meal from your menu can have their own additional prep time. It will be added the overall preparation time you chose. We’ll set it up during the onboarding process or you can change it yourself on the fly by logging in your admin portal.

Yes! You can set up a time for a category to be displayed. e.g. Breakfast category from 6 to 11.

You can be notified by email when a customer places an order in advance. 

The kitchen coupon and bill will print out on the day of the order in the morning so you can properly plan ahead.

You can add, remove, edit description, change pictures or make an item temporarily unavailable directly in your admin portal. You can also give us a call and we’ll help you do it.

We monitor our solution in real time 24/7 and we know if there is any problem with an order. Our support team calls your restaurant to resolve the problem before the problem happens. You can also call our support team on our toll-free number : 1-866-214-0061


Online Ordering

The digital experience your customers deserve.

Self Serve Kiosk

Reinventing the in-house customer experience.


Online Ordering

The digital experience your customers deserve.


Self Serve Kiosk

Reinventing the in-house customer experience.

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