Self Serve Kiosk

Reinventing the in-house
customer experience.

Daily struggles

Long waiting time and inaccurate orders are contributing factors to a poor customer experience. Eliminating these daily struggles is not an easy task with labour shortage hitting an all-time high.

Introducing Self-Serve Kiosks

The digital ordering tool that enhances the customer experience, increases the average check size and improves labour productivity — it’s a true all-in-one powerhouse.

Here’s why UEAT is the for your restaurant.

Avoid losing business with UEAT’s frictionless 3 step ordering process – the fastest in the industry.
Increase your average bill with our proprietary A.I. upsell module™ that provides individualized suggestions to your guests.
A (true) worry free implementation: our success team takes care of getting you online and synchronized with your operations. It’s easy to get online with UEAT

Say goodbye to inaccurate orders: our innovative software is directly connected to your point of sale removing human errors from the equation.

Comes in all sizes

From an iPad to a large touch screen display, we have the perfect kiosk for any restaurants, food courts, cafeterias and stadiums.

Other Features

Takeaway or Dine-In

Direct integration

POS, loyalty, payment gateway, delivery

Advanced and Intuitive Dashboard

Express Deployment Option Available


Ready to talk?

UEAT’s innovative kiosk solution systematically offers upsell, can take unlimited orders, requires no training and never calls in sick. 

Our industry-leading software provides a unique customer experience and increases your average bill. Not only will the restaurant kiosk pay itself, you will make more money. Don’t wait any longer.

See how easy it is to go live with our dedicated success team

Give your customers the digital experience they deserve


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