Contactless Payment and Ordering Tools for Restaurants

Let your customers order
from anywhere, safely.

What is contactless payment and ordering?

Contactless payment and ordering enables restaurant guests to view the digital menu, place an order and pay without the need for any human contact.

Times are changing

Guests are expecting changes to be implemented at most restaurants. Providing safe sanitary measures for customers is not only crucial, it is now fundamental.  Restaurants have to follow social distancing guidelines and adapt their dining experience.

Introducing Contactless Ordering for Restaurants

A fast, safe and intuitive way for your guests to order and pay for food wherever they are, contact free.

Here’s why UEAT is the for your restaurant.

UEAT’s contactless ordering system considerably reduces the risk of germ transmission. Your customers can order and pay right from their own devices – no need to disinfect menus, payment terminals or any other high-touch elements.

Now more than ever, restaurants are often operating with reduced staffing. Contactless ordering considerably helps by reducing the amount of interaction needed between guests and staff. Consumers don’t have to wait to place their order or pay the bill.

Customers can take their time to browse the menu items and customize their meal. With our innovative smart upsell module, modifiers are systematically offered to the natural ordering flow which results in a considerable increase in the average bill.

With our direct Point of Sale integration (POS system), every digital order placed by a customer immediately reaches your kitchen with accurate order details. No need for any double input or dedicated staff to accept orders. You are free to relocate your team to roles that positively impact the customer experience.

Contactless isn’t limited to ordering: every payment is safely and seamlessly processed through our secure PCI compliant tools – the highest level of security for online credit card transactions. Going cashless has never been safer.

UEAT can automatically switch menu layout and items availability depending on the time and day of the week. Never worry about switching between breakfast, lunch and dinner menus ever again.

Contactless payment and ordering is where technology meets humanity. Not only are you showing your customers that you’re taking their safety seriously, you are also considerably optimizing your operations, increasing your revenue and minimizing wait time.

UEAT’s contactless payment and ordering is a profitable, convenient and safe solution for the new modern-day restaurant.

Our contactless order types


By using their own mobile devices, customers can browse your menu, send their order directly to your kitchen and pay without having to wait for an employee.

How does it work?

  1. Scan QR code on the table
  2. Pick your food
  3. Pay

Allow your customers to save time and skip the line with priority ordering – choose your food, pay securely and pick it up. No need to wait in crowded areas for someone to take your order.


A secure way for your customers to order ahead and pick up their food without leaving their car. They simply pop up their trunk and an employee safely puts the order in the car. Fast & convenient!


With our fixed rate third party delivery and in-house delivery integration, give your customers the convenience of getting their food delivered without sacrificing your margins. And since every payment is already securely processed online, there is no need to fumble with cash or disinfect any payment terminals. Enabling true contactless delivery couldn’t be easier.

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Keep your guests and staff safe - enable contactless ordering today.

Guests are expecting changes to be implemented in the restaurant industry. Restaurants that are not taking safe sanitary measures will see customers take their business elsewhere. 

Offer the same frictionless ordering experience users love from online ordering, now inside your restaurant

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