Artificial Intelligence

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What can Artificial Intelligence do?

Imagine the employee of your favourite restaurant welcoming you with a “the usual?” This is already a great customer experience.

Now, what if that same employee remembered (and had learned) every single order you had ever placed and then suggested a new dish: “I know you’re gonna love it. This is the ideal meal to enjoy while you watch tonight’s hockey game on this surprisingly cold September evening. Don’t worry, it’s not too spicy. Just how YOU like it.”

Then you decide to trust the employee and go with the recommendation. Lo and behold, not only do you love the fancy dish, it becomes your new favourite. Wouldn’t you come back to that restaurant knowing that this employee that knows you so well is working that day?

UEAT’s AI module is this very employee who creates these individualized customer experience, every single time, every day.

How Does it Work

We have gathered data for over a million orders to train our AI algorithm to find commonalities and patterns.

Our AI module can predict, with the highest success rate, what customers want to buy based on previous orders, the ingredients in each meal and if a dish is salty, spicy or sweet.

Dynamic Menu

By combining the order history of a customer and cross-referencing local data points (ie weather, holidays, sporting events), UEAT’s AI Upsell Module will adapt the menu layout and include individualized modifiers, automatically.

Adaptive Layout

On a chilly November day, soups are up top on the menu instead of salad.


Advanced AI Marketing

You also get access to the Smart Marketing Tool where AI can automatically send out a personalized promotion to a one-time customer with a high chance of success.

Smart Promotion

A regular customer used to order a combo meal every week but he hasn’t set foot in your restaurant for a while. The AI Smart Marketing Tool automatically sends out a promotion to said customer with a 20% off the usual combo meal.

Each of your customers gets

You Get

Reap the benefits of years of advanced research.


UEAT is the only foodtech company that sits in Espace CDPQ | Axe IA at Mila, one of the premier centers for Artificial Intelligence in the world. MILA has been founded by Yoshua Bengio, a Turing award winner for his work in deep learning.


Online Ordering

The digital experience your customers deserve.

Self Serve Kiosk

Reinventing the in-house customer experience.


Online Ordering

The digital experience your customers deserve.


Self Serve Kiosk

Reinventing the in-house customer experience.

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