The best Valentine’s Day restaurant promotions

Top tips for restaurateurs to prepare for Valentine’s Day

How to save a failing restaurant
How to save a failing restaurant

How to ensure your restaurant succeeds during Covid-19 With the current coronavirus pandemic causing unprecedented changes in the restaurant industry, many businesses are finding it difficult to cope. As lockdowns across the world have prevented diners from eating in at restaurants, it is essential for restaurants time to diversify their business models.  It has become

How to prepare your restaurant and online promotions for Super Bowl

Top tips for restaurateurs to get ready for Superbowl sales and promotions

Tips to run a successful Ghost Kitchen
10 tips to run a successful Ghost Kitchen

Ghost kitchens are the next big thing in the restaurant industry. With restaurant delivery sales increasing substantially over the last few years and especially now given the current sanitary crisis, this delivery-only model has allowed businesses to expand and achieve high margins. However, just like any other business, ghost kitchens require proper strategies and in

How to convert your restaurant in a Ghost Kitchen
How to convert your restaurant in a Ghost Kitchen to avoid closing down

Launched long before the sanitary crisis and the covid-19 measures, the idea of the ghost kitchen has everything to appeal to any restaurateur looking for diversification. This new concept consists of a kitchen set up near an ideal delivery area. This kitchen is small (usually less than 100 square meters), equipped with a cold room

Cuisine fantôme
How to start a ghost kitchen the right way

The advent of the ghost kitchen is highlighting the need for businesses in the restaurant industry to adapt their business models for digital transformation in order to incorporate delivery services. This new business concept consists of a kitchen where all kinds of takeaway dishes are prepared and then delivered to customers through third-party delivery apps

Top 5 tips for restaurants to adapt to COVID-19’s second wave—and the Holidays

Check out some unique ways restaurants can use to maximize sales during the Holidays and pull through the pandemic’s resurgence.

How to boost sales with your online ordering platform

Learn proven tips to help build your restaurant brand online. Download your free Marketing Guide and take your restaurant to the next level!

How to increase your restaurant profit margins

Read our tips for cutting costs and increasing your restaurant's sales volume.

How to set up restaurant online ordering to increase your sales

With the advent of the coronavirus (CODIV-19), many restaurants have decided to roll up their sleeves and adapt their business models to make sure their restaurant survives and thrives during this crisis. As a result, we have seen an exponential growth in the use of online ordering systems for businesses. This comes as no surprise

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