9 Epic Pizza Experiences From Around The World

Italian cuisine has a great variety of flavors to offer. From the sweetness and creamy texture of the risotto to the savory pasta dishes and crunchy bruschettas, it's easy to see why the world has succumbed to the culinary arts of Italy. However, one particular dish has reached an international success that has never [...]

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Valentine’s Day : 5 Successful Ideas For Your Restaurant

Valentine's Day is a timely event. It takes place in the middle of a month when traffic is rather low in catering, giving a golden opportunity for restaurateurs to attract consumers. Since this event is often synonymous with dinner at the restaurant, it is important to find a way to make your restaurant shine. [...]

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RC Show 2019 : 7 Things You Do Not Want To Miss!

The Restaurant Canada Show, or RC Show, is a major event in the Canadian restaurant industry. From February 24th to February 26th, more than 1,000 exhibitors will meet to present new trends and quality products to more than 18,000 restaurateurs and professionals in the restaurant industry. During these 3 days of exhibits at the [...]

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How to Choose The Right Online Ordering Solution For You ?

As a restaurant or bar owner, you know that there are plenty of different ways out there to offer online ordering to your customers. Marketplaces, native apps, self-developed solutions and third-party white label solutions. Each of them have their pros and cons and depending on your end goals, one solution might be a fit [...]

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Christmas – 12 Marketing Ideas For Your Restaurant

As the song goes, special gifts for the 12 days of Christmas include wildly exotic gifts, homespun treasures and a partridge in a pear tree. Christmas marketing ideas for restaurants can follow a similar template for 12 restaurant marketing ideas. Offer a Set Menu for a Special Price Hosting a prix fixe meal during [...]

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Take-Out : A Gold Mine For Restaurants!

North Americans customers’ habits are changing. More of them leaves their kitchens everyday in favor of ready-to-go solutions. Adding up to this is that popular way of life that appeared several years ago called cocooning. Cocooning is the action of staying home and do everything from the comfort of your house. For that reason [...]

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Why Your Restaurant Might Be the Next WestJet

Some industries stayed the same for years. Slow evolving industries sometime gives the feeling they will always stay the same. Let’s take the book industry for example. Printed books were invented in 1501. During the 5 following centuries, that industry encounter little to no change until 2007, when Amazon launched kindle, the electronic book. [...]

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Why Marketplaces Are Risky For Restaurants

What is a marketplace ? A marketplace is a virtual food court where you can put your restaurant to offer online ordering to your customers. In some cases, they even offer a delivery service. These marketplaces then ask for a percentage of each order’s value in exchange for the customer volume they will help [...]

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Millennials As the Main Customers of Your Restaurant

We often hear about that generation called the millennials and it’s progressive arrival on the market. Soon, they will represent a big portion of the restaurant industry’s customers. But who are they ? What are their habits as customers ? How to adapt your restaurant to serve them better ? Here is a portrait [...]

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Halloween : 5 Ideas to Make the Most of It With Your Restaurant

Halloween is at our doors. This highly popular holiday for childrens and the public in general might seem trivial in comparison to Christmas or Thanksgiving, but every opportunity is good to delight your customers and improve your restaurant’s performances. Here are 5 ideas you could use to make the most out of the Halloween’s [...]

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