Case Study

Yuzu Sushi

In 2002, the Yuzu adventure began in Quebec City. Their Japanese culinary philosophy focuses on the quality of food, its freshness and simplicity of execution. Yuzu offers a cuisine that combines local products with Asian flavors.

Today, Yuzu has more than 140 locations across Quebec and New Brunswick. 

Yuzu has recently launched the optimization of its online order to maximize its customer experience and needed a controlled solution that would met its standards of quality, innovation and performance.

Since UEAT has set up the online order solution, Yuzu has been enjoying its user-friendliness, speed and features.

UEAT basically rolled out their online order solution for 60 sales locations overnight! Had we decided to build our own digital ordering solution, we would have ended up with a steep bill and the results considerably less optimal.

Romain Laforest, Technical Director

Since day one, Yuzu has wanted to work on a personalized loyalty program for its customers. In the eyes of UEAT, it was essential to guide Yuzu through the project to make sure it would be compatible with its online order. To do so, UEAT managed to develop new specific features to fulfill Yuzu’s needs.

The average bill from online orders is 65% higher than those placed on location. Even better, when a customer is using the built-in loyalty program, the increase is 88% higher.

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