Tandoori Flame is North America’s largest Indian buffet restaurant, renowned for its diverse dining experience. With three locations in Canada (two in Ontario and one in British Columbia), each serving an average of 400 covers per restaurant. Tandoori Flame offers a high-end buffet, catering services, and take-out options. Guests can place their take-out orders through either an in-store kiosk or online for pick-up or direct delivery. In addition, Tandoori Flame has been serving approximately 20,000 customers a week, showcasing its popularity and significant customer traffic.


The Challenge

Previously, Tandoori Flame was heavily reliant on traditional methods of taking orders and third-party delivery services. The restaurants received between 200 to 300 calls each day for take-out orders, which required significant manpower and often led to operational inefficiencies and long wait times. Furthermore, the use of third-party delivery platforms was becoming increasingly unviable, with the restaurant sometimes having to pay commissions of up to 30%. These challenges truly squeezed Tandoori Flame’s profit margins.


The Results

Tandoori Flame partnered with UEAT in 2018, implementing our online ordering platform.

With this change, Tandoori Flame significantly slashed the commission costs of third-party delivery services, reducing it to less than half. Furthermore, the transition to UEAT’s online ordering brought about a drastic drop in the number of daily phone calls for take-out orders, decreasing to only about 20 calls a day. This greatly reduces the need for extra staff to handle phone orders.

Tandoori Flame has also seen an impressive surge in the average ticket price, with a 60 to 70% increase over the past few years alone, boosting profits substantially at each location. 

With UEAT’s 24/7 support and customer success team, Tandoori Flame has been able to manage increased foot traffic—both online and on site—and provide excellent service to their customers, strengthening the restaurants’ unique brand positioning and offer. 

“We have nothing but amazing words for UEAT,” explained Shraey. “Signing up with UEAT was the best decision ever.


Tandoori Flame is a family-owned business that was established with the goal of providing an authentic Indian dining experience in Canada. It has steadily grown over the years to become North America's largest Indian buffet restaurant. The establishment prides itself on offering a vast array of dishes, using traditional methods and ingredients to ensure a unique, quality culinary experience.

Tandoori Flame has locations in Ontario in Mississauga and Brampton and one in British Colombia in Surrey-Delta.

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