9 reasons to adopt an online ordering platform for your restaurant

2018-07-20T08:02:03-04:00July 6th, 2018|Online ordering|

At a time where consumers spend less and less time cooking and prefer the simplicity of ordering through mobile, restaurants must now find new ways to reach their technology-driven clients.

An online ordering platform for restaurants has thus become a must that is bound to revolutionize the whole catering world.

Here are the 9 reasons why your restaurant should adopt an online ordering solution:


To reach a younger customer segment
It’s a known fact that the vast majority of 18 to 29 year-olds own a smartphone, and when it comes to food delivery or take-out meals, more than half of them prefer online ordering rather than phone calls.


To allow clients to take their time
This has got to be one of the biggest advantages of a restaurant’s online ordering solution for a client: no endless line to wait into, no starving client breathing down their neck and all the time in the world to go through the menu from cover to cover!


To prevent order errors
By reducing the number of people involved in each order, you will indeed decrease the risk of error proportionally. No more unhappy clients!


Increase the cart’s average value
Spoiler: Mr. Smith, who has just received his smoking, decadent cheeseburger, totally would have said yes to extra bacon if the cashier hadn’t failed to offer it. Thankfully, an online ordering tool for restaurants helps to prevent such omissions, in addition to tempting Mr. Smith with drool-inducing pictures of all the other extras he could get!


To allow clients to pay in advance
Online payment through an ordering platform for your restaurant: that’s what we call a huge asset for both clients in a hurry and yourself, when stuck in the middle of a lunch rush hour!


To increase the frequency of order for each client
Because a satisfied Mr. Smith is a recurring Mr. Smith! And rightly so! Why change such a winning formula?


To optimize your restaurant’s resources
By de-bottlenecking the lines in your restaurant, your whole process will be improved: you now get more time to prepare the orders, to get ahead with your cleaning up or anything there is to do, and to offer your clients an even more unforgettable experience!

8 To win your clients’ loyalty
Each second you spend not using an online ordering tool for your restaurant is an opportunity for heaps of potential clients to discover your competitors, and more importantly, to adopt them. Isn’t this just your worst nightmare?


To see your number of clients reach skyrocketing new heights
Because clients attract clients, your new online ordering platform is nothing but essential to your restaurant’s success!

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